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News Updates
First joint field expedition in western Yunnan completed 21-09-30
Extreme snow event causes warming effect on radiative forcing in subtropical forest 21-09-27
Two CAS overseas centers hold joint directorate meeting 21-09-28
How do IRON MAN peptides regulate Fe homeostasis in Arabidopsis? 21-09-22
More than 700 new species of animals and plants have been discovered in the China-Myanmar, China-... 21-09-16
Southwest China reports new distribution area of rare plant 21-09-10
Shrubs are most vulnerable to extreme drought in savannas 21-08-23
Effective “host sanctions” make fig wasp cheating rare 21-08-05
Research finds sulfur amendments can mitigate soil contamination 21-08-12
New plant species discovered in SW China 21-08-11
Punishment enforces 'cooperation' in the fig-wasp mutualism: The exception proves the rule 21-08-06
The Party Profile - Paleobotanist Su Tao 21-07-01
Spanish expert's view on how to solve human-elephant conflict 21-07-02
Chinese government has done excellent job about wandering elephants: expert 21-07-02
Graduation celebration 2021 21-06-21
Wandering elephants unlikely to return home soon, experts say 21-06-22
Wild elephants make themselves at home in Yunnan botanical garden 21-06-15
Inventory of Legume Species Diversity of Myanmar Published 21-06-09
17 wild Asian elephants enter XTBG 21-06-01
3718 species newly recorded in Yunnan over past 30 years 21-05-24
Checklist of New and Newly Recorded Species (1992-2020)in Yunnan released 21-05-22
Checklist of new and newly recorded species in Yunnan released 21-05-24
Annual Report 2020 released 21-05-20
New leadership of XTBG formed 21-05-19
Fireflies light up the night in China's only tropical rainforest reserve 21-05-19
Scholars gather to discuss future development of Yuanjiang Hot and Dry Valley Observation Station 21-05-13
XTBG helps improve capacity building of Nanning Botanical Garden 21-05-06
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