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News Updates
XTBG participates in 9th Cross-Straits Workshop on Forest Dynamics Plots 15-11-30
XTBG participates in Famous Flower and Garden Show of CAS 15-11-23
XTBG witnesses full success of 2015 Annual Academic Conference of Chinese Botanic Gardens 15-11-16
XTBG hosts Annual Academic Meeting 2015 of Chinese Botanic Gardens 15-11-13
CUBG seeks expert advice on development 15-11-13
2015 CUBG Horticulture Training course completed in XTBG 15-11-12
Prof.Hu Huabin attends 5th Southeast Asia Botanic Gardens Network Meeting 15-11-09
Annual Work Meeting 2015 of CAS Botanical Gardens Committee held in Guilin 15-11-05
International Workshop on Forest Canopies: Frontiers of Ecosystem Services 15-11-04
Alice C. Hughes attends First World Forum on Ecosystem Governance 15-11-02
XTBG attends First Yunnan Biomass Energy Development Forum 15-11-04
XTBG participates in 16th Annual NECLIME Meeting in Spain 15-10-21
Fragrant rosewood stolen from Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden 15-10-13
Valuable tree limb cut, stolen from botanical garden 15-10-14
Endangered Yellow Pear Tree Unlawfully Logged in SW China 15-10-13
AFEC-X 2015 ongoing in Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden 15-10-13
10 foreign experts get Yunnan Friendship Award 2015 15-09-28
Richard Corlett wins 2015 Yunnan Friendship Award 15-09-16
Li Su wins Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of Yunnan Province 15-09-21
Vice S&T Minister Hou Jianguo visits XTBG 15-09-14
Environmental protection officials visit XTBG 15-09-14
Bangor conservationist Sophie Williams comes out of coma 15-09-06
CAS vice president Zhang Yaping visits Myanmar 15-08-31
CAS Southeast Asia Biodiversity Research Center launched 15-08-31
CAS to strengthen cooperation in biodiversity studies with Thai institutions 15-08-28
Prof. Li Qingjun presents at 7th International Symposium on the Family Zingiberaceae 15-08-26
Thailand, China join hands on biodiversity studies 15-08-24
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