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News Updates
New MoU signed between XTBG and Myanmar Ministry of Environmental Conservation 16-03-29
Bees give a heads-up when danger is near, study finds 16-03-28
Honey bees use sophisticated alarm system to communicate danger 16-03-27
Biologists Discover Sophisticated “Alarm” Signals in Honey Bees 16-03-28
Agreed criteria necessary to decide if and when to intervene in conservation 16-03-22
Chinese former vice premier Hui Liangyu inspects XTBG 16-03-09
Cleisostoma linearilobatum most abundant in both ‘holy hills’ and traditional tea gardens in Xi... 16-02-29
MoU signed between University of Hong Kong and XTBG 16-03-03
Dr. Akihiro Nakamura becomes associate editor of Biodiversity and Conservation 16-03-03
Endangered flower rediscovered in China 16-01-28
China to Launch Full Preservation of Plant Species 16-01-21
XTBG participates in 7th International Workshop on Desiccation Sensitivity and Tolerance across L... 16-01-22
Thieves arrested for stealing endangered timber 16-01-20
“Fast dissolution of cellulose for hydrolysis”authorized US patent 16-01-13
XTBG to jointly conduct studies in forest dynamics plots of Thailand 15-12-25
XTBG participates in a conference on “Botanical research in tropical Asia” 15-12-17
Workshop on Spatial Statistics and Modeling in Forest Ecology held 15-12-09
World’s oldest peach found in China, presumably no longer delicious 15-12-03
Scientists find world's oldest peach pits near Chinese bus stop 15-12-03
Oldest Peach Pits Found in China 15-12-02
2015 Advanced Field Course in Ecology and Conservation concludes 15-11-25
XTBG participates in 9th Cross-Straits Workshop on Forest Dynamics Plots 15-11-30
XTBG participates in Famous Flower and Garden Show of CAS 15-11-23
XTBG witnesses full success of 2015 Annual Academic Conference of Chinese Botanic Gardens 15-11-16
XTBG hosts Annual Academic Meeting 2015 of Chinese Botanic Gardens 15-11-13
CUBG seeks expert advice on development 15-11-13
2015 CUBG Horticulture Training course completed in XTBG 15-11-12
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