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Symbolic Illustration of the Dai Building Heritage Study for a Modern Bioclimatic Eco-Cultural Design.jpg
Menglun Eco-Cultural Development and Dai Buildi...
[News] Sino-Korea seminar on plant resources held at XTBG 2017-02-16
[News] 40 paintings collected after exhibition 2017-02-13
[News] CAS-SEABRI holds its first annual meeting 2017-01-22
[News] CAS-SEABRI completes fourth field biodiversity survey in Myanmar 2017-01-16
[News] New study analyzes biggest threats to Southeast Asian biodiversity 2017-01-13
[News] 2016 Annual Meeting of Key Lab of Tropical Forest Ecology held 2017-01-04
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Cycad leaves with higher photosynthetic rates s... 02-21
Environmental niches are evolutionarily labile ... 02-14
Artificial caterpillars used to assess top-down... 02-10
Altered vegetation structure of forests impacts... 02-08
A new species of Alphonsea found in Xishuangbanna 02-04
Yuanjiang savanna is a carbon sink 02-03
Sympatric tree species have divergent adaptive ... 01-17
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2017-02-13: Gene methylation variation drives... 02-13
2017-01-17: Challenging roles of early-career... 01-16
2017-01-10: Citizen Science in China: Trackin... 01-10
2016-12-30: Genetic and Epigenetic mechanism ... 12-29
March 25-28th, 2017: ATBC Asia-Pacific Chapte... 01-06
15-20 January 2017: Scientific Paper Writing:... 12-12
21-24 November, 2016: The Fourth Workshop on... 07-25
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  The 4th Yong Natural History Scientists’ Meeting was hosted by the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle (Paris, France) from 7th to the 11th of February 2017. It brought together young resea...
Students challenge XTBG scientists .png   At the peak season of winter camps, numerous primary and middle school students come to Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) to seek the mystery of tropical rainforest and experience...
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Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden.jpg   The Past, Present, and Future of Asian Biodiversity: XTBG, China   March 25-28 2017   In 2006 the ATBC launched an Asia-Pacific Chapter at the ATBC annual meeting in Kunming to help promot...
W020170121656781691397.jpg   China will continue to promote a new round of higher-level opening up to the outside world, Premier Li Keqiang said Friday.   The statement came as Li had a discussion with over 70 foreign e...
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A new species of woody bamboo found in Xishuangbanna 11-17
A new orchid species found in Yunnan 10-31
Vine Garden 05-26
Fruit Garden 04-22
Tropical Agroforestry System Exhibition 02-28
Digital Garden System of XTBG 02-10
Index Seminum 2016-2017 02-21
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Ancistrocladus tectorius.jpg Bombax ceiba.jpg Strophioblachia fimbricalyx.jpg Camellia petelotii.jpg Dipterocarpus retusus.jpg Gomphandra tetrandra.jpg
Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Menglun, Mengla, Yunnan 666303, China
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