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group - Rainforest Resort CTFS workshop 30-Jun-15 .jpg
Annual workshop at the pioneer forest plot: CTF...
[News] Sophie Williams falls into a coma after being bitten by a MOSQUITO during... 2015-08-05
[News] Bangor lecturer critically ill in Thailand could move to UK hospital for ... 2015-07-31
[News] Bangor lecturer Sophie Williams critically ill on China trip 2015-07-27
[News] Renowned ecologist ready to help China save wildlife, habitat 2015-07-23
[News] XTBG scientists participate in 52nd annual meeting of ATBC 2015 2015-07-22
[News] Botanists working to save fragile plants 2015-07-23
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Deterministic processes important in structurin... 08-05
Spiders’ foraging strategies have cascading ef... 08-03
An assembly and alignment-free method is robust... 07-22
Flight initiation distance increases with hunti... 07-21
Fossilized Metasequoia needles indicate history... 07-20
A DNA Barcoding database of tropical trees esta... 07-16
Comprehensive floristic and vegetation survey i... 07-14
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2015-08-04: Changing drivers of tropical defo... 08-03
2015-07-29: Lectures by Prof. Michael Udvardi... 07-28
2015-07-28: Environmental Learning in Japan a... 07-27
2015-07-21:Symbiotic invasion of a forest pes... 07-20
October12-November 23: Advanced Fieldcourse i... 05-26
October 27-29, 2015: Forest Canopies: Frontie... 05-20
Nov 27-28, 2014: Symposium of Young Scientist... 11-10
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b083fe96faac170ab1e234.jpg   People hug the trees out in the wilds. [Photo provided to China Daily]   Nature education is new in China, but a start has been made by some individuals and NGOs. They are reaching out to st...
  Wang Ximin (second from right) guides a group of visitors for a 'night hike' in the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG).   [Provided To China Daily]   How long does it take one ...
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rhett-butler-mongabay-indonesia-300.jpg   The third session of CUBG Environmental Education Training Course is to be held in Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) during August 3 -15.   "We invite nature education experts f...
Snap1.jpg   Mr. Kyaw Kyaw Lwin, deputy director of Forest Department of Myanmar Ministry of Forestry, headed up a 5-person delegation to XTBG on June 2-6, at the invitation of Prof. Chen Jin. The visit wa...
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Aristolochia petelotii found in Xishuangbanna 07-13
Pueraria stracheyi, a new synonym to Apios carnea (Fabaceae) 07-08
Vine Garden 05-26
Fruit Garden 04-22
Tropical Agroforestry System Exhibition 02-28
Digital Garden System of XTBG 07-25
INDEX SEMINUM 2013 04-02
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Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Menglun, Mengla, Yunnan 666303, China
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