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Fruit of Castanea henryi.jpg
Speciation genomics identifies candidate genomi...
[News] XTBG scientists win first prize of Yunnan provincial natural science awar... 2020-07-10
[News] Study provides insight into male fertility control in legume plants 2020-07-03
[News] Fireflies create 'midsummer night's dream' in SW China 2020-06-28
[News] Graduation Celebration 2020 2020-06-22
[News] Individual‐level trait information better predicts tree growth in tropic... 2020-06-03
[News] Annual Report 2019 released 2020-05-28
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Twelve undescribed mexicanolide-type limonoids ... 07-15
Speciation genomics identifies candidate genomi... 07-07
Study provides insight into male fertility cont... 07-03
Fungi isolated from host protocorms are benefic... 06-28
Phylogenetic analysis confirms the existence of... 06-23
Conversion of tropical rainforest to monocultur... 06-19
Interactions between human‐modified habitat ch... 06-15
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2020-07-15: Genomic basis of homoploid hybrid... 07-14
2020-07-14: Blue Carbon Sequestration potenti... 07-14
2020-07-07: Macroevolution of defense syndrom... 07-07
2020-06-30: Conservation Debate: "What makes ... 06-30
24th – 27th October 2020: 8th International ... 12-23
15 Oct–26 Nov 2019: Advanced Fieldcourse in ... 05-27
15 Oct–26 Nov 2018: Advanced Fieldcourse in ... 08-09
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A black giant squirrel appears at Flower Garden of XTBG.jpg   A black giant squirrel (Ratufa bicolor) unexpectedly appeared at Flower Garden of Xihsuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) on July 4. When the guards had patrols in the scenic spot, they...
  Blooming water lilies turn the reflecting ponds at Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) into spectacular attractions. Giant Victoria water lilies, with leaf of a diameter of up to tw...
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Goral from Northern Myanmar.jpg   Researchers have recognized one to seven species of goral gorals (Naemorhedus spp., Caprinae, Bovidae), small goat antelopes. However, the phylogenetics remains unclear because of limited gene...
Bryophyte at Ailao Mountain subtropical forest.jpg   The distribution and performance of bryophyte species vary with vertical gradients, as a result of changes in environmental factors, especially light. However, the role of functional traits in...
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Extremely endangered Plagiopteron suaveolens comes to blo... 05-26
A new species of Aspidistra recorded from Lao PDR 04-21
It's blooming time again 02-21
Newly discovered begonia in need of urgent protection 02-20
A new species of Apocynaceae found in Xishuangbanna 06-19
Digital Garden System of XTBG 02-10
Index Seminum 2016-2017 02-21
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UNymphaea 'Daubeniana' blooming at XTBG .jpg Nymphaea lotus  blooming at XTBG .jpg Nymphoides peltata blooming at XTBG .jpg Nymphaea rubra blooming at XTBG .jpg Victoria amazonica blooming at XTBG .jpg Victoria amazonica blooming at XTBG .jpg
Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Menglun, Mengla, Yunnan 666303, China
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