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Research Progress
First recorded fossil of Dipteronia in East Asia reported from Yunnan 17-11-21
Lichen biomass significantly influenced by forest type and host attributes 17-11-17
Jasmonate-activated transcription factors redundantly modulate flowering in Arabidopsis 17-11-15
Modern aspect of vegetation in Yunnan: 20 million years earlier than previously thought 17-11-09
Mature rubber plantation intercropping with N-fixing species appears effective for P sustainability 17-11-06
XTBG botanist conducts a biogeographical study on tropical flora of southern China 17-11-02
Complete chloroplast genome sequences of two Lauraceae species determined 17-11-01
Pollinators, not herbivores are possibly the significant agent of selection on flora traits 17-10-30
Heavy snow reduces annual net carbon uptake of Ailaoshan primary forest 17-10-27
Researchers evaluate canopy temperature in a rubber plantation and tropical rainforest in Xishuan... 17-10-25
The earliest recorded fossil of Cryptomeria in East Asia reported from Yunnan 17-10-24
Rubber agroforestry has limited effect on reducing throughfall kinetic energy 17-10-24
A new genus of Lauraceae reported 17-10-20
A new orchid species reported from Myanmar 17-10-16
Researchers investigate water consumption of different tropical timber species 17-10-13
Luring hornets: scientists unlock sex pheromone of notorious honey bee predator 17-10-13
Humus soil affects succession of vascular plants on rock outcrops 17-10-11
Researchers investigate effects of deficit irrigation and fertilization on Sacha Inchi 17-10-09
Lanthanum restrains primary root growth in Arabidopsis 17-09-26
Leaf–stem size follows an isometric relationship across 28 Ficus species 17-09-25
New catalyst synthesis method developed for biodiesel production 17-09-22
Researchers reveal plastome structural variations in Lauraceae family 17-09-19
GA3 and BA synergistically regulate axillary bud outgrowth in Jatropha curcas 17-09-15
Two new species of Balsaminaceae reported from northeern Myanmar 17-09-14
Pollinator-mediated selection important on floral evolution 17-09-13
AFEC-X introduced by “Building conservation capacity in Southeast Asia” 17-09-11
Researchers develop a new tree-ring width chronology of Himalaya spruce 17-09-07
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