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Research Progress
Genomes offer new insights into fig-wasp symbiotic system 20-10-09
Rhododendron shrub-ring chronology: good proxy for climate change in Himalaya 21-01-14
Jungle rubber beneficial to soil restoration of existing rubber plantations 21-01-13
How does distance and density dependence vary across life stages of plants? 21-01-11
Epiphytic and terrestrial individuals of facultative epiphytes use plastic strategies in differen... 21-01-07
A new dancing girl ginger species found in Dehong, Yunnan 21-01-05
Glomalin contributes to multiple soil functions in terrestrial ecosystem 20-12-30
Floral tea polyphenols influence learning and memory of honey bees 20-12-24
Study explores possible origin and evolution of savanna-like vegetation in Yunnan 20-12-23
Food production driven land use leads to changes in water-related ecosystem services 20-12-22
Termite mounds of Odontotermes create “islands of fertility” 20-12-16
Rare species occupy outlying niches to avoid competition with common species 20-12-15
A new ginger species found in Yunnan 20-12-11
Newly discovered fossils prove “Shangri-La”-like ecosystem in central Tibet 20-12-08
A new tuberous species of Begonia found in southern Yunnan 20-12-01
First record of long lost Ruellia bella reported in Myanmar 20-11-27
First global map of bee species richness presented 20-11-24
Study evaluates drought survival mechanisms of tropical dry forest trees based on functional traits 20-11-25
Contagious pursuit deterrence signal found in social insects for first time 20-11-23
First Icacinaceae fruit fossil record in East Asia reported from Yunnan 20-11-18
Study compares long-term litterfall characteristics in tropical karst and non-karst forests 20-11-16
First fossil occurrence of Illigera in Asia reported from central Tibetan Plateau 20-11-12
Interplays among isotopes of C and N provide new insight in Hg reduction on forest floor 20-11-09
Tropical larger trees possibly challenged to maintain functional hydraulic pathways under future ... 20-11-04
Study: Application of xylem vulnerability curves in estimating plant responses to drought should ... 20-11-02
Effects of fungal assemblages not predictable from those of component species 20-10-29
Raindrops at the canopy drip points greatly aggravate splash soil erosion in rubber plantation 20-10-27
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