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Research Progress
Interplanting legume plants facilitates water utilization of rubber trees in Xishuangbanna 16-01-20
A new fossil species of Celastrus found in SW Yunnan 16-01-15
Regional-scale genetic structure of Eastern honey bee populations evaluated 16-01-12
Irradiance level be considered in selecting crops intercropped with rubber plantations 16-01-08
Phylogenetic relationships within the Cinnamomum group reconstructed 16-01-05
Magnetic sulfonated acid stable for hydrolyzing tropical wastes 15-12-28
Nectar-robbing squirrels influence reproductive success of Alpinia roxburghii (Zingiberaceae) 15-12-24
Oldest fossil species of Mahonia found in Yunnan 15-12-23
Treatment with Thidiazuron improves fruit number of Jatropha curcas 15-12-18
Exposure to High Light Enhances Photosynthetic Activity in Castor Bean Seed Coats 15-12-15
First fossil record of ring-cupped oaks found in Tibet 15-12-11
A new non-linear approach to approximate the function linking climate and physiognomy 15-12-10
An efficient transformation protocol for genetic improvement of Jatropha curcas 15-12-08
Pollen chains associated with secondary pollen presentation in a wild ginger species 15-12-07
The amazing, bizarre history of the Peach — uncovered at last 15-12-03
Oldest peach fossil found in Yunnan 15-11-30
Ficus tinctoria produces major crops in winter to ensure survival 15-11-26
Chemical signals used in the fungus-growing termite, A. dimorphus 15-11-24
Mexican sunflower seeds exhibit high tolerance to temperature and water stress 15-11-20
Solubilization of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Hydrolysis 15-11-19
Lianas first choose nearest host for support 15-11-17
Long-tongued fly is specialized pollinator of long corolla tubed alpine ginger 15-11-16
Honey bee foragers reduce risk of starvation by carrying more food 15-11-12
Woody plants use fog water as supplement in dry season in tropical karst forest 15-11-10
Discovery maps enhance educational function of botanic gardens 15-11-06
Expansion of KNOX genes is associated with functional diversification 15-11-03
Production of Hydrogen from Renewable Resources published 15-10-30
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