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Research Progress
bHLH48 and bHLH60 positively regulate GA-mediated flowering of Arabidopsis 17-07-05
Rubber–based agroforestry systems are useful to maximize utilization of land and water resources 17-07-03
A new orchid species found in Mengla, Xishuangbanna 17-06-29
VQ20 acts as key partner of WRKY2 and WKRY34 in plant male gametogenesis 17-06-29
Expression of bHLH104-GF improves plants’ tolerance to iron deficiency 17-06-23
Rubber plantation has considerable C sequestration potential in Xishuangbanna 17-06-20
Complex forest systems of artificial plantations essential in desert-oasis areas 17-06-14
In situ symbiotic seed germination useful to conserve endangered orchid species 17-06-09
Maps through species distribution models may assist in developing regional conservation priorities 17-06-08
Rodents select different caching habitats for seeds with different sizes or nutrient contents 17-06-01
A new species of orchid found in Jingdong, Yunnan 17-05-26
Impacts of human disturbances on tropical dry forest increase with decrease of soil moisture 17-05-25
Adding manure is essential in improving soil fertility in newly-built terraces in semi-arid envir... 17-05-24
Tiny bite marks reveal a global pattern in predation 17-05-19
First megafossil record of Goniophlebium found in Yunnan 17-05-18
Rapid seed germination helps successful invasion of spiny amaranth in Xishuangbanna 17-05-17
Southern yellow-cheeked crested gibbons shift behavior and activity along with climate factors an... 17-05-12
A revised key to Najas subg. Caulinia sect. Americanae and sect. Caulinia presented 17-05-10
Signaling pathway underlying hydrogen sulfide toxicity-mediated root growth revealed 17-05-08
Bark growth rate is critical in environments with frequent fires 17-05-05
Sapling harvest predominantly affects floristic composition of tropical dry forests 17-05-04
Cagy architecture may help some plant species to survive herbivory pressure 17-05-03
A new species of orchid found in Myanmar 17-05-02
Ant eavesdropping leads to arms race between predator and prey 17-05-02
Nuclear marker ITS is efficient for identifying species and genera of Lauraceae 17-04-26
Beekeeping increases income and forest protection awareness of households in Lao PDR 17-04-24
Jasmonate plays important role in leaf senescence and tolerance to cold-stress 17-04-20
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