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Research Progress
Enclosures promote hydrological function and services in savannas 22-05-31
New wood fossil record of Taxodioxylon reported from Chuxiong, Yunnan 22-05-25
Protected areas effectively conserve ferns and lycophytes in Xishuangbanna 22-05-19
Researchers review and clarify diversity, origin, and evolution of flora and vegetation of Yunnan 22-05-17
Increases in planting density tend to decrease water use efficiency of rubber trees 22-05-17
Study provides methods for obtaining source apportionment of soil heavy metals 22-05-13
Environmental education and advocacy: complementary strategy for rural development and conservation 22-05-10
Temperature affects fig wasp community structure by changing strength of competitive interactions 22-05-07
Study provides insights into motor organ of model legume Medicago truncatula 22-05-06
New Agapetes species reported from Medog, Tibet 22-05-05
Trunk spines can defend against bark feeding and climbing mammals 22-04-29
Root system significantly affects soil water movement in banana plantation 22-04-26
Researchers present first multi-centennial streamflow variability of Karnali River 22-04-24
Jumping spiders reduce aggressiveness after perceiving mirror cues 22-04-21
Splash erosion shown higher in rubber plantation than tropical rainforest 22-04-20
Variations in resource and resource partitioning help maintain plant coexistence 22-04-18
Pseudobartsia and Xizangia are recommended as independent genera: herbarium study 22-04-13
Increasing temperatures and drought decline tree growth of Toona ciliate 22-04-12
Engelhardia plants exemplify transformation of vegetation across tropical Indochina Peninsula to ... 22-04-08
Growth-climate sensitivity of two pine species varies with site-specific environmental conditions 22-04-06
Alpinia hainanensis has potentials to aid treating ulcerative colitis: study 22-03-30
Drought stress advances and shortens growing season for Toona ciliata 22-03-29
New target gene found for engineering anthocyanins in plants 22-03-24
New Paleogene fossil flora reported from northern Vietnam 22-03-22
How does seed dormancy adapt in space and time? 22-03-21
Study explores potential root microbiota influencing alkaloidal metabolome of medicinal herb 22-03-16
Researchers identify active compounds in giant hornet queen sex pheromones 22-03-15
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