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Research Progress
Different cell types explain morphological differences of two ginger varieties 22-09-26
Bottom-up process plays central role in determining ant–tree interaction networks 22-09-23
Study provides assessment framework for conservation and management of legume plants in coastal E... 22-09-21
Temperature contributes most to geographical distribution of two giant honeybees 22-09-19
Nutritionally balanced and whole food-based fiber-rich diet is beneficial to gut health 22-09-15
New genus of spittlebugs reported from central Tibetan Plateau 22-09-14
Above and belowground traits vary in response to soil moisture availability and plant competition 22-09-13
Fear emotion has negative impact on mitigation behavior toward climate change 22-09-09
New Hodgsonia species reported form Motuo, Tibet 22-09-07
Study proves Paraboea rufescens to be woody desiccation plant 22-09-05
Rock outcrops influence adjacent soils and plant growth at fine scales in karst areas 22-09-01
Two new Engelhardia species of big tree reported 22-08-30
Study identifies key factors contributing to high local diversity of trees of Euphorbiaceae in Xi... 22-08-29
Methane uptake declines due to litter-derived nitrogen input in forest soils 22-08-25
Global cooling and Tibet uplift drove the Cenozoic climate change on the Tibetan Plateau 22-08-24
A new subspecies of Begonia reported from Zamboanga peninsula 22-08-23
Oldest fossil record of Podocarpium from Tibetan Plateau reported 22-08-22
Study integrates ecosystem services into a framework to evaluate impacts of hydropower development 22-08-17
Seed dispersal: Hungry hornets are unexpected and effective vectors 22-08-16
Topographic complexity is most significant factor influencing bird acoustic indices in tropical f... 22-08-15
High planting density of pine plantations leads to degradation in deep soil 22-08-05
Controlling soil splash erosion may benefit sustainable development of rubber plantation 22-08-02
Common wild rice has practical value for rice production by using the stem branch trait 22-07-29
How do plants integrate different components into Fe deficiency response? 22-07-27
Winter precipitation and temperature constrain distribution of Cedrus plants 22-07-26
Study develops new strategy for Fe fortification in rice 22-07-22
Leaf litter decomposes faster for lianas than trees in tropical forest 22-07-20
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