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Research Progress
Hemiepiphytic figs reduce phosphorus competition by killing host trees 22-07-18
Study optimizes layout of crop planting structure in Songhua River Basin 22-07-15
New species of Begonia found in Gaoligong Mountains 22-07-13
Species-rich agroforestry possibly alleviates water limitation caused by rubber monoculture 22-07-11
Study identifies relationship between body size and soil community assembly in tropical forest 22-07-07
Fossils confirm early diversification of spiny plants in central Tibet 22-07-05
Rapid seed dispersal by hornets facilitates reproduction of agarwood plants 22-07-01
Metal nanoparticles can serve as plant growth regulators 22-06-30
Study provides insights into Cenozoic environmental change and ecosystem evolution 22-06-28
Microbes are recruited in soil environment according to ecosystem demand 22-06-24
Seasonal fog alleviates drought stress of rubber trees in Xishuangbanna 22-06-20
Study sheds light on mechanism of OsIRO3 modulating Fe homeostasis in rice 22-06-16
Study shows positive effects of shading and watering on early seedling survival after topsoil tra... 22-06-14
Multi-dimensional approach needed to protect woody plants in Xishuangbanna 22-06-10
JcSEP3 regulates stamen development in Jatropha curcas 22-06-08
Two new Polyalthiopsis species reported from China 22-06-07
Modern flora across SE margin of Tibetan Plateau start by early Oligocene 22-06-07
Enclosures promote hydrological function and services in savannas 22-05-31
New wood fossil record of Taxodioxylon reported from Chuxiong, Yunnan 22-05-25
Protected areas effectively conserve ferns and lycophytes in Xishuangbanna 22-05-19
Researchers review and clarify diversity, origin, and evolution of flora and vegetation of Yunnan 22-05-17
Increases in planting density tend to decrease water use efficiency of rubber trees 22-05-17
Study provides methods for obtaining source apportionment of soil heavy metals 22-05-13
Environmental education and advocacy: complementary strategy for rural development and conservation 22-05-10
Temperature affects fig wasp community structure by changing strength of competitive interactions 22-05-07
Study provides insights into motor organ of model legume Medicago truncatula 22-05-06
New Agapetes species reported from Medog, Tibet 22-05-05
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