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Research Progress
XTBG develops global timber tree barcoding library 21-11-16
Critically endangered ginger species found in limestone area of Xishuangbanna 21-11-12
Human-dominated landscapes are prime elephant habitat in Malaysia 21-11-11
Seed-handling ability is pivotal in seed dispersal in tropical rainforests 21-11-10
Pseudobulbs: sink for exogenous nitrogen in epiphytic orchids 21-11-05
Nut diversity shapes richness patterns of nut-nesting ants in Xishuangbanna 21-11-02
Maximum leaf temperature predicts thermal safety margin of plant leaves 21-10-27
MYB70: important transcription factor modulating seed germination and root development 21-10-25
Cooperation breaks down in Asian elephants when food reward is limited 21-10-20
Fleshy fruits are more common in tropics: from phylogenic analysis 21-10-18
Ecological redlines: possible model for maintaining biodiversity in mainland southeast Asia 21-10-14
New species of primrose family found in Cangyuan, Yunnan 21-10-11
First tissue culture study using Xishuangbanna passion flower 21-10-09
Extreme snow event causes warming effect on radiative forcing in subtropical forest 21-09-27
Two new species of cast iron plant found in China-Laos transboundary areas 21-09-26
How do IRON MAN peptides regulate Fe homeostasis in Arabidopsis? 21-09-22
New Begonia species reported from Philippines 21-09-23
Quantified at a large scale: underlying drivers of understory biomass and its allocation 21-09-16
Scion length determines efficiency of graft-transmitted JcFT for floral induction in Jatropha 21-09-14
Number of host species may not necessarily benefit for phenology of generalist mistletoe 21-09-10
Hillslopes play key role in soil hydrological functions and services in tropics 21-09-08
Researchers investigate evolutionary dynamics of plastomes in the monophyletic Cyathophora 21-09-07
New Trivalvaria species of custard apple family found in southeast Yunnan 21-09-03
Soil legacy effect of global change influences invasiveness of alien plants 21-09-01
Scientists’ view on protection of Asian elephants 21-08-25
Shrubs are most vulnerable to extreme drought in savannas 21-08-23
Local ecological knowledge is useful for studying plant-animal interaction networks 21-08-19
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