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Research Progress
Walnut family has a boreotropical origin: fossil-informed model evidence 21-07-07
XTBG Ph.D student’s research commented in New Phytologist 21-06-29
Environmental filtering is dominant in driving functional beta diversity of passerine birds in Yu... 21-06-28
Abscisic acid signaling and circadian clock integrate to regulate seed germination in Arabidopsis 21-06-23
New epiphytic orchid species found in Indonesia 21-06-15
Causal pathogen of collar rot in purple passion fruit first identified 21-06-11
Plant functional traits may better explain liana species distributions 21-06-10
Honey bee sting: a key aspect of bee defense against hornets 21-06-07
New species of milk weed family found in Mount Emei 21-06-02
Perennial cover crop efficiently regulates rhizosphere phosphorus cycling in rubber-based agrofor... 21-06-01
Iron deficiency delays flowering of Arabidopsis under long days 21-05-27
Moisture is key factor affecting seed germination of two pine species in Yunnan 21-05-21
Rubber-based agroforestry decreases abundance and richness of ground arthropods 21-05-13
Seven new species of Begonia found in Myanmar 21-05-12
Coexisting plants of different growth forms differ in their stem and leaf traits 21-05-08
New species and generic record of Amblyanthus reported from Medog, Tibet 21-04-29
Dynamic conservation strategies are urgently needed to protect habitats of rare and endangered pl... 21-04-27
New species of Meiogyne genus in custard apple family reported in Yunnan 21-04-23
Nasonov gland pheromone in Asian honey bees stimulates removal of dead adult bees 21-04-19
Floral heat production plays an important role in successful reproduction of Alocasia odora 21-04-15
Collaborative transboundary conservation enforcement is urgently needed 21-04-13
How can architectural traits explain structural evolution of Euphorbia? 21-04-08
Pollinator host-switches and fig hybridization dominate fig–wasp coevolution 21-02-03
Nitrification is predominant microbial process of N2O production in situ in tropical forest 21-04-02
Plastome sequences only partially improve species discrimination in Lauraceae 21-03-30
Conversion of natural forest to rubber plantation decreases methane sink strength significantly 21-03-26
Edible yellow chanterelles com-monly sold in mushroom markets of Yunnan are Cantharellus yunnanensis 21-03-23
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