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Research Progress
Facultative epiphytes exploit nutrients of rock outcrops and host barks flexibly in karst forest 20-09-29
Insect herbivores drive evolution of defensive syndromes in fig plants 20-09-08
Tourism-driven land use change influences ecosystem services 20-09-27
Biosynthesized silver nanoparticles are promising for pest management 20-09-22
A new species of milkweed subfamily found in Yunnan 20-09-14
Functional traits characterize tradeoffs in seedling growth in subtropical forest 20-09-03
Vegetation types in Xishuangbanna and their ecosystem services supply capacity differ markedly 20-09-25
Winter temperature: most important climate factor controlling vegetation type in central Yunnan d... 20-09-24
Differences in soil physical and hydrological properties between bald and vegetation patches prov... 20-09-18
GetOrganelle: An Advanced Organelle Genome Assembler 20-09-16
Different environmental conditions and rice ecotypes restructure root microbiome communities 20-09-23
A new evergreen species of Rhamnaceae found in Guangxi 20-09-10
East Asian monsoon is pivotal in shaping evolutionary history of Golden‐thread nanmu tree 20-09-04
Floristic components and plant-herbivore interactions change sharply during the Eocene–Oligocene... 20-08-26
Application of two engineering nanomaterials provides a novel way to improve salt tolerance in pl... 20-08-24
Rediscovery of Lepisorus cespitosus expands its range from SE Tibet toward western Yunnan 20-08-21
Sulfur dissipation and decay interact with hydrological processes in rubber agrosystems 20-08-19
Study uncovers mechanisms underlying biosynthesis and accumulation of Paris saponins in P. polyph... 20-08-18
Researchers explore species delimitation of Engelhardia in tropical and subtropical Asia 20-08-13
More efforts urgently needed to discover new species in Myanmar 20-08-06
Hengduan mountain alpine flora history shown to be longest on Earth 20-07-31
Study investigates liana beta diversity in a valley savanna 20-07-27
Nutrient fluctuation has different effects on invasion success of C. odorata 20-07-20
Twelve undescribed mexicanolide-type limonoids were isolated from twigs and leaves of Cipadessa b... 20-07-15
Speciation genomics identifies candidate genomic regions responsible for reproductive isolation i... 20-07-07
Study provides insight into male fertility control in legume plants 20-07-03
Fungi isolated from host protocorms are beneficial to propagation of an epiphytic orchid 20-06-28
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