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News Updates
SW China to host rainforest cross country event 19-11-28
How do mean climatic conditions drive growth trends of Himalayan fir? 19-11-15
XTBG scientists participate in 1st Asian Palaeontological Congress 19-11-21
XTBG scientist participates in Symposium of Integrative Conservation 19-11-18
Chinese-French International Associated Laboratory opened 19-11-14
Researchers highlight progress and challenges of phloem research 19-11-12
2019 CUBG Horticulture Training course completed at XTBG 19-11-13
6th Chinese Conference on Dendrochronology held at XTBG 19-10-29
SEABRI 2019 Tropical Plant Identification and Forest Management Training a success 19-10-28
2019 CUBG Horticulture Training course opened in Kunming 19-10-28
Akihiro Nakamura wins 2019 Yunnan Friendship Award 19-10-22
Annual Work Meeting 2019 of CAS Botanical Gardens Committee held in Nanjing 19-10-23
Biodiversity aid tops agenda for Chinese, Asian experts 19-10-15
SEABRI continues helping train researchers on tropical plant identification in Myanmar 19-10-18
Indian government tightens rules on academic collaboration with China 19-10-18
China to Build National Museum of Plants 19-10-11
Dr. Su Tao honored Youth Innovation Award of Wu Zhengyi Award 19-10-14
Clonal integration has greater benefits than inter-specific facilitation for vascular epiphytes i... 19-10-08
XTBG forges strategic partnership with Southwest Forestry University 19-09-27
XTBG participates in Neogene Climate Evolution in Eurasia Meeting 2019 19-09-30
Nature reserve staff members gather at XTBG for capacity building 19-09-24
XTBG harvests seeds of Sapria himalyana for the first time 19-09-04
Plant diversity and endemism in China: Unreachable locations and diverse microclimates 19-08-30
Passiflora xishuangbannaensis reintroduced to the wild 19-08-28
Two XTBG researchers supported by Excellent Young Scientists Fund of NSFC 19-08-19
Lotus Victoria:a new tourist attraction for Yunnan 19-08-15
CUBG Environmental Education Training Course 2019 completed 19-08-13
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