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Research Progress
Invasive plants evolve to increase defense in introduced ranges 13-12-16
Application of ultrasound energy in conversion of biomass to biofuels 13-12-13
Function of miR396 in flower development revealed 13-12-06
First fossil record of a microsoroid fern found in the middle Miocene sediment of central Yunnan 13-12-04
Soil carbon cycling in tropical and subtropical forests of Yunnan 13-12-03
Niche processes shape richness and composition of tropical understory vegetation 13-11-29
Sodium silicate useful in biodiesel production and glycerol utilization 13-11-26
New approaches to novel ecosystems 13-11-25
Rubber trees in Xishuangbanna able to adjust to resource allocation 13-11-18
Spatial scale critical in maintaining biodiversity in forests 13-11-12
A practice of restoring vegetation in a karst geo-park of SW China 13-11-08
Basic leucine zipper transcrption factors in castor bean identified 13-10-31
Frogs prefer not to breed in rubber plantations in Xishuangbanna 13-10-25
Body size matters when fig wasps choose figs to pollinate 13-10-22
Study reveals mechanisms likely maintaining ... 13-10-18
Fear of predators drives honey bees away from good food sources 13-10-10
Variations of wood decay rates in a subtropical forest studied 13-10-09
Longhorn beetles may decrease sharply in Naban River valley in Xishuangbanna 13-09-29
A deterministic model of community assembly in 20-ha plot of Xishuangbanna 13-09-25
High glucose yield from sugarcane bagasse by enzymatic hydrolysis 13-09-17
Inquiline wasps utilize chemical signals to enter their host figs 13-09-13
Researchers investigate patterns of intraspecific and interspecific gene flow of Neotropical spir... 13-09-05
Paleoclimate condition and evolution of the Asian monsoonal climate of Yunnan studied 13-09-03
Xishuangbanna tropical rainforest sensitive to water variability 13-08-29
Lineages forming Asplenium normale ... 13-08-27
Reproductive divergence between Hedychiu... 13-08-22
Effects of temperature and light quality on seed germination of figs in Xishuangbanna 13-08-19
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