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Research Progress
Researchers examine correlations among xylem traits in angiosperm trees and climatic variables 13-04-02
Using photo-CR technique to estimate populations of Indian gliding lizard 13-03-27
Shaking signal of Asian hive bees to predators is inherited 13-03-20
Cyclic electron flow plays important role in conferring photoprotection of tropical ferns under w... 13-03-19
Arabidopsis WRKY8 functions with VQ9 to modulate salt stress 13-03-12
Researchers clarify role of carbon export by headwater streams in Xishuangbanna 13-03-07
Dataset characterizing Sacha Inchi gene expression at transcriptional level reported 13-03-01
Phenotypic plasticity important in invasion success of crofton weed 13-02-27
Researchers test hemiepiphytic and non-hemiepiphytic Ficus in seedling ecophysiology 13-02-26
Researchers study epiphytic lichen diversity and conservation implications in Ailaoshan 13-02-22
Reproductive biology of D. pavettifolia studied 13-02-19
Tropical rainforest fragments important in bird conservation in SW China 13-02-04
Mechanical fragmentation and Collembola contribute to decomposition process of leaf litter 13-01-20
Three factors act in concert to promote invasion by C. odorata 13-01-14
Corridor engineering serves as effective regimes for soil properties recovery 13-01-11
Reference evapotranspiration rates keep decreasing during 1961-2004 in Yunnan 13-01-04
Scientists compare air/soil temperature trends in open land and understory of subtropical forest 12-12-27
Ecologists assess tree beta diversity across forest plots worldwide 12-12-18
Different seed traits affect scatter-hoarding behavior of rodents 12-12-24
New evidence: why flowers self-fertilize? 08-10-07
Biotropica publishes Special Section: Tropical Forests of Xishuangbanna 06-04-24
Forest vegetation of Xishuangbanna, south China 06-07-11
On the Classification of Forest Vegetation in Xishuangbanna,Southern Yunnan 07-09-05
6 papers of XTBG published in special issue of SYMBIOSIS 08-05-13
Research findings on Taccaceae chosen candidate for Top ten 2005 Basic Research News of China 06-02-05
Prof. Song Songquan appointed as ISSS regional representative for Eastern Asia 05-12-19
Research advances in soil respiration 09-06-05
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