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Research Progress
Ecology Letters: Disturbance result in community assemblages of closely related species 10-01-07
XTBG researcher publishes book on seed plants of Ailao Mountains 09-12-29
How do changes in plant above- and below-ground carbon allocation alter soil organic carbon 09-11-20
Plant science research in botanic gardens 09-11-10
Ecology: rodents cache seeds of “ideal” seed size 09-11-09
XTBG scientists attend the Next Generation Sequencing Conference (NGS) 2009, Barcelona, Spain 09-11-17
Species-specificity: 4-methylanisole assures specific fig/fig wasp mutualism 09-08-21
PNAS: the history of rainforest in Sundaland 09-07-21
PNAS: Nitrogen allocation in invasive Ageratina adenophora 09-02-03
Study progress in the conservation genetics of the genus Litsea 08-08-13
Research advances in Dipterocarp physiology 09-04-19
Recovery mechanism of tropical rainforest after fire damage 08-10-23
Sources of fog drip in tropical rainforest ecosystem 07-04-17
Research advancement in effects of rubber plantation on atmospheric chemistry 07-10-31
Research advances in climate change in Hengduan Mountains over 350 years 08-10-29
Some research advances by XTBG 08-11-26
Advances in forest fragmentation studies 09-02-11
Oecologia publishes original paper by XTBG student 08-04-17
Net effect of internally ovipositing parasite in the fig-wasp mutualism 09-05-08
Studies unlock secrets of autonomous selfing of Roscoea schneideriana 08-08-26
Survey reveals the situation of Chinese caterpillar fungus resources 08-08-22
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