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Research Progress
Roles of 3 WRKY proteins in the regulation of resistance to heat stress 11-06-13
Increasing the seed yield of Jatropha curcas by BA treatments 11-06-13
Role of guard cell chloroplasts in photosynthetic induction of Paphiopedilum 11-05-31
Gene expression profiles of developing Jatropha seeds 11-05-23
Epiphytic bryophytes in subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest 11-05-17
Using sodium silicate as catalyst to produce biodiesel and lactic acid 11-05-10
Invasive Ageratina: a quicker return energy-use strategy 11-05-03
Limited edge effects along a burned-unburned effects in Bornea after fire 11-04-29
Small heat shock protein important in maturation of J. curcas seeds 11-04-26
Antioxidant acitivity of young leaves of 7 Ficus species in Xishuangbanna 11-04-20
Long-term phenological characteristics of tropical introduced plants and ex situ conservation 11-04-19
Dung beetle assemblages on tropical land-bridge islands:small island effect and vulnerable species 11-04-10
Tropical monsoon forest in Yunnan with comparison to the tropical rain forest 11-04-07
Noxious invasive Eupatorium adenophorum and its natural enemy 11-04-02
Production of biodiesel from Jatropha oil with high-acid value in ionic liquids 11-03-16
Drought sensitivity control system set in Xishuangbanna tropical forest 11-03-11
Functions of floral structure of Salvia cyclostegia to pollination 11-03-10
Production of biodiesel from Jatropha oil catalyzed by nanosized solid basic catalyst 11-03-08
An old-growth subtropical Asian evergreen forest as a large carbon sink 11-03-07
XTBG research paper featured cover of Journal of Evolutionary Biology 11-03-02
Mass fruiting in Borneo: a missed opportunity – Letter to Science 11-03-01
High concentrations of quercetin in nectar enhance worker bee resistance to queen signals 10-11-30
Reproductive strategies and male morphological dimorphism of Walkerella species 10-11-24
Fire affects abundances of everwet tropical tree species 10-11-23
Forest regeneration along forest edge in subtropical montane moist evergreen broad-leaved forest 10-11-19
Robber-like pollination in a distylous plant 10-11-17
Neocinnamomum H. Liu: a new basal group in Lauraceae 10-11-15
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