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2010-04-05: Fragmentation effects on the fig-fig wasp mutulism 11-04-01
March30-April2, 2011: "Plant-animal interrelationships" Workshop 11-03-23
2011-03-22: Species interactions in changing environments: the future of ecosystem services 11-03-21
2011-03-11: Lectures by Prof. Raymond Archambault and his wife 11-03-11
2011-03-08: Ecosystem services of roots 11-03-07
XTBG Seminar (January 4): Combining traditional and novel methods to advance plant taxonomy and ... 11-01-04
Special Seminar (December 24): Microbial Biomass and Enzymes Activity as a Key to Reveal the Mech... 10-12-16
XTBG Seminar (December 21): Biogeography of tropical China 10-12-15
AFEC-X 2010 Course Symposium (December 16) 10-12-15
XTBG Seminar (Demember 14): The reconstruction of Late Miocene Climate in Yunnan, SW China and it... 10-11-29
XTBG Seminar (December 7): Forest biodiversity monitoring in China or Biodiversity Informatics i... 10-11-29
October 11-14, 2010: Sino-German Research Co-operation“Living Landscapes China”LILAC Symposium 10-09-27
2010-09-28: Lianas in tropical rainforest: a re-evaluation 10-09-27
2010-09-21: Tree Rings Inferred Climate History during the Past Centuries in the Hengduan Mountains 10-09-20
2010-09-14: Landscapes and Vegetation of Central Europe 10-09-13
2010-09-08: Function and evolution of veins in leaves 10-09-06
2010-08-31: Evolution and Ecology of Specialized Floral Rewards for Pollinators 10-08-30
2010-08-24: Drought and soil respiration in the larger context of the SE Asian Monsoon 10-08-23
2010-08-17: Trap pollination in the Araceae family - structure, functionality and evolution 10-08-16
2010-08-10: Integration of Genomics and Transcriptomics Approaches in Conservation of Tropical Fo... 10-08-09
2010-07-20: Linkage between biogeochemical cycles and culture--understanding the East and West 10-07-19
2010-07-20: Linking the above and belowground processes 10-07-19
2010-07-15: Photoinactivation versus recovery of Photosystem II in leaves 10-07-15
2010-07-16: Principles and Practices for Environmental Planning 10-07-14
2010-07-16: Evolutionary Transitions in Plant Reproductive Systems: Ecological and Genetic Approa... 10-07-14
2010-07-13: Why low Hg bioaccumulation in a high Hg contaminated reservoir? 10-07-12
2010-07-06: The effects of the scale of habitat loss on community patterns 10-07-06
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