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Group of Forest Ecosystem Studies
Author: Cao Min
Update time: 2016-12-15
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Head of the Group: Prof. Dr. Cao Min

E-mail: caom@xtbg.ac.cn

Website: http://feg.groups.xtbg.ac.cn/



To study the structure, function and dynamics of tropical and subtropical forest ecosystems in SW China, with the purpose of understanding the elementary processes occurring in forest ecosystems and developing multidisciplinary approaches in the restoration of degraded habitats. FES, on the other hand, commits itself to translating this information into results relevant to sustainable development of local economy and society. To achieve the objectives, FES supports international cooperation with both institutions and individuals from all countries of the world. Moreover, we intend to develop programs that will allow the group to bring together experts from a variety of disciplines to deal with ecological issues in the land use of tropical Asian countries.

On the other hand, a total of 52 postgraduate students were educated or being educated with the supervision of the colleagues in this group since 2003, of which 22 students for M.Sc. and 11 students for Ph.D. have already graduated and been awarded the corresponding academic degrees.   

There were 3 visiting scientists from Australia, India and Japan joining in this group and conducting the cooperative studied on the arthropods on forest canopy, forest nutrients and carbon flux in seasonal rain forests respectively. 


Staff: There are 8 staff members in this group. 

No. Name      Degree     Position            Major

1  YANG Jie            Ph.D.   Associate Professor      Forest ecology

2 HU Yuehua        Ph.D.    Associate Professor      Forest ecology

3 JIANG Nan           MSc 

4 Akihiro NAKAMURA  Ph.D  Associate Professor          Forest ecology




 29 research projects were conducted since 2003, summing to RMB 9.29 million. These include 6 projects with funds over 500,000 Yuan RMB each. 5 projects were supported by NSFC. 3 sub-projects were supported by National Key Basic Research of Ministry of Science (MOST) and Technology (973 projects). NSFC, MOST and CAS are the major funding sources for the projects carried on by this research group.     


A total of 110 papers, 1 proceedings and 1 monograph (with first authorship) were published since 2003. Of which 20 papers were published in the international journals cited by SCI. In addition, the research entitled “Study on the Tropical Forest Dynamics in SW China” was awarded the Second Class Prize of Yunnan Provincial Natural Sciences in 2004.




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