Flow Cytometer


Flow Cytometer (BD FACSVerse and Accuri C6; USA)

The BD FACSVerse Flow Cytometer is used to research on immunology, hematology, oncology, cytobiology, cytogenetics, clinics, basic medicine, and botany. Also, this instrument can be used for botanical studies by analyzing cell cycle and ploidy, cell protein content, apoptosis, protoplast, chromosome numbers, and chromosomal structural aberration. It can analyze tens of thousands of cells and calculate multi parameters at high speed. The high speed and high accuracy of this technique makes it the most advanced cell quantitative analysis technique.


The Accuri C6 model Flow Cytometer works similarly, and is mainly used for research on immunoassay, gene expression, cell counts, viability detection, and analysis of cell cycle, apoptosis, microbes and cell proliferation.


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