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2017 Annual Conference of XTBG
Author: Ai CHongrui
Update time: 2017-12-04
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The 2017 Annual Meeting for Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) is the premier conference for more than 260 students, scholars, and researchers. On December 1-2, scientists, researchers, and students gathered together at the XTBG headquarters for two days of oral presentatitons, discussion, communication, and posters.

On behalf of the two key laboratories and conservation center respectively, Prof. Xing Yaowu, Prof. Xu Zengfu, and Prof. Harald Schneider made plenary presentations on the first day. Their presentations included “Impact of environmental change on biodiversity and distribution pattern of angiosperm in the Cenozoic”, “Cytokinin regulation of plant sex determination”, and “Predicting the impact of the Anthropocene on the tree-of-life”.

32 principal investigators presented the research progress of their groups respectively. Responsible persons of supporting platforms presented their supporting functions in scientific research. 21 young researchers and students presented their work. 23 poster presentations were also available.

With members of the XTBG Academic Committee as judges, the presentations by young researchers were evaluated. The best presentation winner prize went to Dr. Wang Houping. The second prize was conferred to Chen Zhanqi and Zhang Xiaoxiao. The third prize winners were Wu Junen, Hu Yingxiong and Wang Xiaojing.

“The annual conference is held to learn progress of each research group, work progress of functional departments. Most importantly, it provides a platform to have academic exchange and interaction, invigorate academic atmosphere. It also aims to accelerate the growth of early-career scientific researchers,” said Prof. Chen Jin at the opening ceremony.

The two-day conference was very intensive. Presentations and discussions took about 10 hours each day.

“The annual conference witnessed development of XTBG. The research groups are competitive. We expect better development at next annual conference”, added Prof. Chen Jin.

Prof. Chen Jin delivers an opening spee


Plenary speakers at the annual cpnference

The annual conference 

Principal investigators prensent research progress

Principal investigators prensent research progress

Early-career researchers present progress

 Discussion and communication

Prof. Chen Jin and Yu Diqiu confer certificates to prize winners.

Participants pose a group photo.

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