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Forum of young researchers in plant sciences held at XTBG
Author: Ai Chongrui
Update time: 2017-11-30
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The second forum of young researchers in plant sciences took place at Xihsuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) on November 25-28. The Forum brought together over 200 outstanding young researchers from academic institutions and universities with expertise in a shared filed in the plant sciences to engage in scientific discussions.

The theme of the forum is “genomics and plant biotechnology”. 29 young researches presented their latest research projects with an in-depth analysis.

Prof. Yu Diqiu of XTBG was invited to deliver a keynote speech to share his research experience and progress.

Mr. LI Hongwei, CPC secretary of XTBG, delivered a welcoming speech.

The Forum was organized by Profs. Tian Zhixi, Cui Xiaofeng, Wang Jiawei, Wang Hongbin, Yan Jianbin, and Chen Jianghua.

The aim of the Forum is to inspire and bring together young researchers in the field of plant sciences. It offers young researchers the possibility to meet and discuss research topics and methodologies, share and develop ideas, learn from each other and gain knowledge from senior researchers.

According to the organizers, the forum will be held annually.

 The forum

 XTBG CPC secretary Li Hongwei delivers a welcome speech

 Prof. Yu Diqiu shares his research experience

 Young researchers present their latest research projects

 Interaction between presenters and audience

 Discussing posters


Participants pose a group photo

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