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2nd Youth Science Festival connects young scientists and the public
Author: Ai Chongrui
ArticleSource: EurekAlert
Update time: 2017-05-22
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Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) is hosting its second Youth Science Festival, an event to showcase the science undertaken by the young research fellows and graduate students from May 20-22.

   Participated by over 1,000 students (across primary and secondary levels), educators, and tourists on the opening day, the event aims to provide young scientists an opportunity to showcase their progresses, discuss scientific problems, and popularize science in a vivid way.

   On the opening day, XTBG CPC secretary Li Hongwei, Prof. Richard Corlett, and student representative Meng Pin congratulated to the festival and their feelings. They said that the festival connected young scientists and the public closely and is a good way to show our progress in sciences.

  41 conference style poster presentations showcasing progress in plant science, ecological studies, and conservation study are made. Some equipment and research samples are also on show.

   The posters concerning studies of beehotel, ant colonies, models of environment-friendly rubber plantation, specimens of plants and animals, orchid tissue culture, rodent seed dispersal, etc. are vividly on show. In addition, three-dimensional printing, photo taking of the infrared thermal camera also attracted visitors.

Research work undertaken by Xishuangbanna Station for Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem Studies and some apparatus are also on show at the Science Festival.

An online broadcast by CCTV was also available on the opening day.

 At the Science Festival, the young research fellows and students gather together to interact and exchange ideas that will enhance their knowledge of various science applications.

 The Youth Science Festival is also part of celebration for the National Science and Technology Week, CAS Public Science Day, and International Biodiversity Day.

Mr. Li Hongwei addresses the opening

Participants at the youth science festival

Showcase of research achievement

Ethnic students use microscope to observe plant tissue

Interpreting a miracle plant that can fade sweet taste

Online broadcast by CCTV



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