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XTBG scientists win first prize of Yunnan provincial natural science award 2016
Update time: 2017-04-17
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Awarding ceremony of “Yunnan Science & Technology Prize 2016” was held on April 13 in Kunming. Among the prize winners, Prof. Yu Diqiu of Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) was honored with the first prize of Yunnan provincial Natural Science Awards. Prof.Peng Yanqiong of XTBG won the second prize of Yunnan Provincial Natural Science Award.

  Among the 5 first prize winners, Prof. Yu Diqiu’s team of XTBG ranked first. They won the first prize for accomplishing “Molecular mechanism of microRNAs mediating plant nutrition metabolism and morphogenesis”. They made breakthroughs and got research papers published in such famous journals in plant sciences like Plant Physiology, Plant Journal, Planta, etc.

 Prof. Peng Yanqiong’s team of XTBG was honored with the second prize of Yunnan Provincial Natural Science Award for accomplishing “Ecological behavior mechanism of symbiosis between figs and fig wasps”. By employing methods of behavior ecology, chemical ecology, and molecular biology, the researchers resolved the behavior mechanism of mutualism between figs and fig wasps.

Prof. Yu Qiu wins first prize of Yunnan provincial Natural Science Awards. 



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