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One-day fig meeting
Author: Ai Chongrui
Update time: 2016-12-20
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One-day fig meeting was held on December 11, which brought together four senior researchers from USA and young scientists involving fig studies in Xishaungbanna Tropical Botanica Garden (XTBG). The meeting presented current progress of research on fig trees and fig wasps.

  13 presentations concerning coevolution between figs and fig wasps brought insights to the current progress and cooperation potentials. Following are the 13 presentations:

Edward Allen Herre

Fitness interactions between figs and their pollinator wasps

Michael L Arnold

The web of life -- An evolutionary stimulus in changing environments?

Carlos A. Machado

Genomic approaches to study the evolution of the fig-fig wasp mutualism

Charlotte Jander

Experimental and comparative studies of the fig mutualism in Panama

Yan-Qiong Peng

Current progress of the research on fig and fig wasp coevolution at XTBG

Gang Wang

Why there are so many figs? Three potential ways trying

Jie Gao

Hybridization and introgression in the Ficus auriculata complex in Southeast Asia

Jian-Feng Huang

The cophylogeography and evolution of pollinator cheating in the mutualism system of Ficus altissima and its Eupristina wasps

Jin Zhao

The study on physiological and ecological function of Ficus latex by common garden approach

Ting Zhang

The reproductive difference between pollinator and cheater on Ficus microcarpa

Xue Xiao

The resource heterogeneity determines non-pollinating fig wasps specie number

Rong-Rong Shi

The diversity of nematodes in the syconia and the impact on fig-fig wasp mutualism


     The one-day fig meeting is part of the international partner program of Key Laboratory of Tropical Forest Ecology in research direction of Evolution Ecology. The program is aimed to expand international cooperation and cultivate young scientists.

  By carrying out the program, a series of seminars or workshops were held over the past 10 days. The participants also had field investigations on figs and fig wasps in Xishuangbanna.


Keynote speakers at the one-day fig meeting

Participants pose a photo

Visiting research facility and have fig and fig wasp biodiversity field investigation

Researchers have discussion

Researchers have discussion

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