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Transboundary biodiversity conservation and eliminating illegal wildlife trade urged
ArticleSource: Bangor University
Update time: 2015-03-06
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 Xishuangbanna Declaration on protecting biodiversity and eliminating illegal wildlife trade along the China-Myanmar-Laos-Vietnam transboundary region” was proposed in the workshop “Conservation on the Borders”.

     The workshop was organized by Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG), with 41 participants from XTBG, UK, Singapore, Austria, USA, and Myanmar. It is aimed at strengthening biodiversity conservation and eliminating illegal wildlife trade along the China-Myanmar-Laos-Vietnam transboundary regions. The workshop was highlighted by speech given by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge about the illegal wildlife trade.

     The participants recommend strengthening the enforcement of existing legislation, identifying gaps in current regulations, identifying opportunities for new transboundary protected areas and improving the management of existing ones, and creating a cohesive transboundary management strategy for monitoring and effectively protecting high priority areas for biodiversity in border regions. They also recognize the importance of networking between multiple institutions to encourage information sharing, sustained engagement and collaboration across transboundary regions.

   They recognize that it is necessary to develop standardized monitoring protocols and a platform for gathering and disseminating relevant information.  They recognize the importance of education and community involvement in the development of successful conservation strategies to eliminate the illegal wildlife trade and unsustainable resource use.

    The participants strongly recommend the Government of China, in collaboration with the Governments of Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam, to lead in championing the role of effective transboundary protected areas and tackling illegal wildlife trade, thus ensuring a future for regional biodiversity.

Participants at the workshop

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