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Postdoc Position : Ecology & Evolution of Plant-Animal Interactions
Author: Chen Jin
Update time: 2017-11-22
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Postdoc position within Ecology & Evolution of plant-Animal interaction,

 Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences


  Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was founded in 1959. It is a comprehensive research institution engaged in scientific research, species preservation, science communication, science & technology development, and a well-known scenic spot as well. XTBG is located in the north edge of tropical zone with high biodiversity and various vegetation types. Three field stations (Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem Station, Ailaoshan Station for Forest Ecosystem Studies and Yuanjiang Hot and Dry Valley Observation Station) focus on tropical forest, subtropical forest and Savanna vegetation respectively. There is flux tower in each station, and two rotatable canopy cranes in the subtropical and tropical forest.

  The Ecology and Evolution of Plant Animal Interaction (EEPAI) research group was set up in 2002. The group has a diversity of people with quite a wide range of interests. Our research focuses address the following questions: 1) To what extent are interacting plants and animals co-evolutionary adapted to and shaped by each other? 2)  How do plant-animal interactions respond to changing environments? 3) How do plant-animal interaction networks respond to changing environments? 4) How can biologists and biological institutions in general, by adopting proper approaches and using public-understood language, enhance public awareness for biodiversity conservation?

To examine ecological relationships and evolutionary implications, we try to integrate evidence based on multiple disciplines, including experimental field ecology, molecular work and phytochemistry, etc. 

Training graduate students is one of the most important components in EEPAI. Our philosophy of teaching is to enhance students’ capacity in critical thinking and ability of implementing ideas. We seldom arrange a specific topic for students’ research, instead, we welcome students do research based on their own interests and choice. You are welcome to join us as a postdoc.


1. Good health; under 35 years old for the first postdoc position, no age limitation for the second postdoc position.   

2. The successful candidate must have a PhD degree, preferably with study experience of plant-animal interactions and environmental change.   

3. Excellent communication skills and fluency in spoken and written English.   

4. Proven ability to carry out research and publish.

Salary 180,000 RMB/year

Contact: E-mail address: chenjin@xtbg.ac.cn 

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