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Jardin Botanico Francisco Javier Clavijero at the World Botanic Gardens Exhibition, Beijing, China
Author: BGCI
ArticleSource: BGCI
Update time: 2008-09-04
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The Jardín Botánico Francisco Javier Clavijero (JBC) del Instituto de Ecología, A.C., in Xalapa, Mexico is pleased to announce its participation in the World Botanic Gardens Exhibition, on display during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

With the theme of “Homes for plants, Gardens for humans,” the World Botanic Gardens Exhibition is co-organized by Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), Chinese Academy of Sciences Botanic Gardens, and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Committee. Its goal is share the beauty and value of biodiversity to visitors from around the world, and to highlight the ongoing efforts of botanic gardens to preserve our natural plant heritage.

More than just beautiful landscapes, botanic gardens conduct research, innovate, educate, inspire and heal. Mexico is one of the countries with larger plant diversity, so the JBC will be showcasing some highlighted facts about the artistic way to inspire people towards Mexican plant diversity conservation. Also will show aspects of native temperate cloud forest conservation, unique National Collections of Cycads and Mexican Bamboo, and some words about Metasequuoia glyptostroboides, the southernmost specimen under cultivation in America. (Click here to see the poster of JBC)

The Olympic Games' theme, "One World, One Dream," extends perfectly to the worldwide family of botanic gardens, as they protect biodiversity in their backyards and around the world while re-connecting people with the natural world.

The Exhibition is located in the Science and Technology Park (just down the road from the National Stadium “Bird nest” and National Aquatics Center “Water cube”) and will be on display to a global audience from August 1st to September 8th 2008.  It contains 70 exhibition panels containing stories from botanic gardens around the globe involved in plant conservation and research.  Visitors can relax and enjoy the Exhibition’s green space while watching videos provided by participating botanic gardens on a large LCD screen, learn more about the rare medicinal plants on display, or check out displays of seeds, leaves, or an interactive plant scent station that allows them to smell different oils and perfumes derived from fragrant plants around the world.

Visit the exhibition at http://wbge.xtbg.ac.cn/gallery/

The Jardín Botánico Francisco Javier Clavijero was opened  in February of 1977. It is located in Xalapa, Veracruz, about 500 km East of Mexico City. Is the only botanic garden embeded at native tropical montane cloud forests, considered among the most biodiverse and endangered ecosystems of the planet. Its documented living collection consist about 4000 specimens among 750 species; 40% of them are endangered species.

The JBC holds the Mexican National Cycad Collection and Mexican National Bamboo Collection, a pair of the most important plant collections in Latin America. Part of both collections are on exhibition and are used for educational purposes at all levels.

Nowadays the Garden is recognized as an outstanding environmental education center, notable for its living collections and public educational events. The Garden receives approximately 40,000 visitors a year.

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