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Photography Contest completed successfully
Author: Ai Chongrui
ArticleSource: Information Center
Update time: 2007-11-02
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In order to celebrate the establishment of Tropical Brilliant Flowers Garden and reconstruction of Palm Garden being finished, XTBG sponsored a photography contest on October13. The contest was open to all photography enthusiasts at XTBG.

The contest was seeking photos that would inspire people to achieve environmental excellence. Entries all reflected the beautiful landscape of the two gardens. Through secret ballot, 22 photos were selected into the final list. Two participants were first prize winners.

Superb collection of beautiful plants of the two gardens feasted the eyes of all participants. Full of enthusiasm, everybody wanted to record the stunning nature images. The Contest received a total of 100 entries or so, all are beautiful and attractive. Here you can enjoy some winning pictures.

Fountains (by Chen Jin)

Tropical Flavor of South Asia (by Duan Qiwu)


Glorious scenery in the setting sun (by Deng Jiwu)


Winding interconnecting pathways over water (by Yang Chengyuan)


Bird's-Eye View (by Chen Jin)



 Covering an area of 23.6 hectares, the Tropical Brilliant Flowers Garden is to hundreds of tropical plant species. Flowers in blossom greet visitors from all over the world. Waterside pavilions, fountains in great numbers and brilliant tropical plants have formed beautiful landscape.


After being reconstructed and enlarged, the Palm Garden is full of tropical flavor of South Asia. Besides over 400 palm species, the Palm Garden is ornamented with waterfalls and circuitous corridors.

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