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2022-06-21: Designing an exhibition space on the lianas diversity in Xishuangbanna Tropical Botan... 22-06-20
2022-06-14: Understanding the geographic variation in the life history patterns within population... 22-06-14
2022-06-07: Using artificial intelligence to predict future biodiversity trends and guide conserv... 22-06-06
2022-05-31: Species-level CWM values mask contrasting intra- vs interspecific trait shifts at sub... 22-05-31
2022-05-24: Alpine Plant Adaptation: From field observation to genomics 22-05-24
2022-05-17: On dinosaurs, megafruits, and extinctions 22-05-17
2022-05-10: Botanic Knowledge in Early China (Qin-Han dynasties) 22-05-10
2022-04-26: Successful reintroduction releases pressure on China's orchid species 22-04-26
2022-04-19: Elevation and land-use interact to shape bird community assembly on a tropical island 22-04-19
2022-03-29: Developing an Early-warning model for rubber powdery mildew disease 22-03-28
2022-03-22: Perceptive capacity and cooperative behavior of Asian elephants 22-03-21
2022-03-15:Plant diversity, aboveground biomass and soil organic carbon during tropical forest su... 22-03-14
2022-03-08:Random research in liana ecology 22-03-07
2022-03-01: The relationship between plant communities and foliar fungal diseases in alpine meadows 22-03-01
2022-02-22: Global Forest Leaf-Litter Production 22-02-21
2022-02-15:Soil fauna and plant litter diversity effects on litter decomposition 22-02-14
2022-02-08: Semiochemicals mediate aphid-ant mutualism 22-02-07
2022-01-18: Invasion and adaption of pinewood nematode 22-01-17
2022-01-11:Insect microbial function mining and mosquito control 22-01-11
2022-01-04:Recent progress and challenges of 10,000 Plants Genome Sequencing Project (10 KP) 22-01-04
2021-12-28: Assessment of ecosystem functions of rubber plantations using the native tropical for... 21-12-28
2021-12-24:Yunnan vegetation---discoveries and issues 21-12-22
2021-12-21: Plant soil-microbes feedbacks and its implications on species coexistence and ecosyst... 21-12-21
2021-12-14: Diversity of ascomycetes in Yunnan, China 21-12-14
2021-12-07:Phosphorus-efficiency traits in the phosphorus-efficient plant Hakea prostrata (Protea... 21-12-06
2021-11-30: Soil fauna effect on organic matter decomposition: A black box to unravel 21-11-29
2021-11-23: The allometry of plant height explains species loss under nitrogen addition 21-11-22
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