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2008-12-01:The evolution of Curcuma (Zingiberaceae) 08-12-01
2008-11-07: Conservation of Asian honey bees 08-11-04
2008-10-24:The U. S. National Arboretum: An overview of the research and educational programs 08-10-22
2008-10-13:Global CO2 Observation 08-10-10
2008-09-17: Stability of Soil Carbon 08-09-16
2008-06-25:Lectures by Prof. Fang Zhen and Dr. Deng Xin 08-06-20
2008-05-22: Lectures by Prof. Yu Jun & Ms. Kua Chai-Shian 08-05-20
2008-05-06&08:by Dr. Nicholas J. Gotelli 08-04-29
2008-04-29:Plant Functional Traits; Forest Carbon Cycles 08-04-28
2008-05-09: Will Tropical Forests Survive the 21st Century? 08-04-22
2008-04-24:Morphological strategies used by various tropical families to reduce insect damage 08-04-22
2008-04-18:Slope Stability and Biodiversity: First Observation and Ideas 08-04-17
2008-01-29: Functional traits and the coexistence of tropical tree species 08-01-24
2008-01-31: Insight into community ecology using figs and fig wasps 08-01-24
2008-01-21: Unwieldy Taxonomic Complexes in SE Asian Bamboos 08-01-19
2007-11-09:Devastating Fusarium wilt of Banana-an example of pathosystem evolution. 07-11-08
2007-08-31: Lecture Announcement 07-08-30
2007-08-15:Hydrology of tropical montane cloud forests 07-08-14
2007-07-16:Using community phylogenies to understand ecosystem change 07-07-13
2007-06-13:Genetic Advances with the leguminous genus Leucaena 07-06-11
2007-05-29:Ecology in the 21st Century: Where do we go from here. 07-05-22
2007-05-24:Studies on reproductive biology of fig trees in Brazil 07-05-22
2007-05-15: Frugivory and seed dispersal by two species of fruit bats 07-05-14
2007-04-25: Palms and their uses in the western Amazon basin — South America 07-04-23
2007-03-05: Lecture Announcement 07-02-28
Prof. Roy Turkington of UBC will visit XTBG soon after the New Year 06-12-28
2006-08-31: Lecture Announcement 06-08-29
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