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2006-03-26: Seminar Announcement
Author: Fang C Y
ArticleSource: Div. Res. Pla & For.Aff.
Update time: 2006-03-22
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Time: 20:00-21:00
Date:  March 26, 2006  Sunday
Venue: 3rd Floor Meeting Room

Tropical Landscape Design in Thailand

Presented by: Prof. Weerapan Paisarnnan

    Geographically Thailand is extremely close to Xishuangbanna region with many similarities in climate, plant materials and traditional culture.  Hence landscape architectural design in Thailand has relevance to development in Xishuangbanna region and vice versa. 
    After studying in the USA Professor Weerapan Paisarnnan has been practicing as a landscape architect in Thailand for almost 20 years as well as featuring as a guest lecturer at Meijo, Chulalongkorn and Kasersart Universities in Thailand.  He currently serves on the committee of the Council of Thai Architects and was president of the Thai Association of Landscape Architects from 1995-1997.
    This presentation will look at examples of tropical landscape design in Thailand using projects completed by P.L. Design Co. Ltd. the office of Professor Weerapan Paisarnnan as case studies. Topics will include:

    1. International Tourism –City & Resort Hotels
    2. Public Parks
    3. Large scale planning & Housing Developments
    4. Golf Courses
    5. Opportunities for working internationally

Everybody is invited !

Hosted by: Division of Research Planning and Foreign Affairs
Announced: March 22, 2006

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