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Chen Ligang
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Plant molecular biology



1.Ji YR, Mou MH, Zhang HM, Wang RL, Wu SG, Jing YF, Zhang HY, Li LX, Li ZF, Chen LG: GhWRKY33 negatively regulates jasmonate-mediated plant defense to Verticillium dahliae. Plant Diversity 2023, 45(3):337-346. 

2.An XJ, Yang L, Wen B, Chen LG: Seed high-temperature sensitivity and germination ecology in intermediate seeds of three species from Xishuangbanna, tropical China. Plant Ecology 2023. 

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21.Chen LG, Zhang LP, Yu DQ: Wounding-Induced WRKY8 Is Involved in Basal Defense in Arabidopsis. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 2010, 23(5):558-565. 

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