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LIU Chenggang
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XTBG, Menglun, Mengla, 666303, Yunnan, China



2011.092014.07 Ph.D. in Botany, Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu, China. 

2008.082011.07 M.S. in Ecology, College of Forest Resources & Environment, Nanjing Forestry University, Jiangsu, China. 

2004.082008.07 B.S. in Forestry, College of Forestry, Northwest A & F University, Shanxi, China. 



2018.01present Associate Professor in Agroforestry Ecosystem Research Group, XTBG, CAS. 

2014.082017.12 Assistant professor in Agroforestry Ecosystem Research Group, XTBG, CAS. 



Soil Ecology 



Soil nutrients (especially P) cycling in sustainable agroforestry ecosystems. 

Soil microbial community responses to land-use change.  

Rhizosphere dynamic in tropical agroecosystems. 

Also, some controlled experiments were conducted underlying above interests. 


PUBLICATIONS (*corresponding author) 

1.        Liu CG*, Jin YQ, Liu CA, Tang JW*, Wang QW, Xu MX. 2018. Phosphorous fractions in soils of rubber-based agroforestry systems: Influence of season, management and stand age. Science of The Total Environment, 616-617: 1575–1587. 

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4.        Wang QW*, Qi L, Zhou WM, Liu CG, Yu DP, Dai LM. 2018. Carbon dynamics in the deciduous broadleaf tree Erman’s birch (Betula ermanii) at the subalpine treeline on Changbai Mountain, Northeast China. American Journal of Botany. 105: 42–49. 

5.        Guo B, Yang G*, Zhang FF*, Han F, Liu CG. 2018. Dynamic monitoring of soil erosion in the upper Minjiang catchment using an improved soil loss equation based on remote sensing and geographic information system. Land Degradation & Development, 29: 521–533. 

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12.    Liu CG, Wang YJ *, Pan KW*, Jin YQ, Duan LL, Li W, Zhang L. 2015. Photosynthetic carbon and nitrogen metabolism and the relationship between their metabolites and lipid peroxidation in dwarf bamboo (Fargesia rufa Yi) during drought and subsequent recovery. Trees-Structure and Function, 29: 1633-1647. 

13.    Pan KW*, Gong PM, Wang JC, Wang YJ, Liu CG, et al., Applications of nitrate and ammonium fertilizers alter soil nematode food webs in a continuous cucumber cropping system in Southwestern Sichuan, China. Eurasian Journal of Soil Science, 4: 287–300. 

14.    Liu CG, Wang YJ*, Pan KW*, Zhu TT, Li W, Zhang L. 2014. Carbon and nitrogen metabolism in leaves and roots of dwarf bamboo (Fargesia denudata Yi) subjected to drought for two consecutive years during sprouting. Journal of Plant Growth Regulation, 33: 243–255. 

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16.    Shen XY, Liu CG, Pan KW*. 2014. Reproductive Biological Characteristics of Dendrobium Species, Reproductive Biology of Plants (Edited by Ramawat KG), 195 (Book Chapter). 



1.        2018.06–2021.05 National Scientific Foundation of Yunnan, China: Response of soil fungal community to land use change in tropical area: a case study in Xishuangbanna, China (Project PI: Liu CG). 

2.        2017.01–2019.12 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC):  Characteristics of root exudates and their regulatory mechanisms on soil phosphorus transformations in a rubber agroforestry ecosystem (31600507) (Project PI: Liu CG). 

3.        2016.01–2018.12 ‘Light of West China’ Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences: Soil phosphorus bioavailability in rubber agroforestry ecosystem (Project PI: Liu CG). 




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