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LIU Changan
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Associate Professor
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XTBG, Menglun, Mengla, 666303, Yunnan, China


  Soil Ecology



Wei-Hua Dong, Sen Zhang, Xin Rao, Chang-An Liu*. Newly-reclaimed alfalfa forage land improved soil properties comparison to farmland in wheat–maize cropping systems at the margins of oases. Ecological Engineering, 2016 (In press). 

Chang-An Liu*, Sen Zhang, Shuai Hua. Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer on crop yields in a field pea-spring wheat-potato rotation system with calcareous soil in semi-arid environments. Spanish journal of agricultural research, 2016 (In press, Doi: http://dx.doi.org/ 10.5424/sjar/2016142-7347). 

Zhou-Li Min, Feng Zhang, Chang-An Liu*. Improved yield by harvesting water with ridges and subgrooves using buried and surface plastic mulch in a semiarid area of China. Soil & Tillage Research, 2015, 150:21-29. 

Chang-An Liu* and Kadambot H.M. Siddique. Does Plastic Mulch Improve Crop Yield in Semiarid Farmland at High Altitude? Agronomy Journal, 2015, 107 (5): 1724-1732. 

Chang-An Liu, Li-Min Zhou, Ju-Jie Jia, Li-Jun Wang, Jian-Ting Si , Xin Li, Cheng-Chen Pan, Kadambot H.M. Siddique, Feng-Min Li*. Maize yield and water balance is affected by nitrogen application in a film-mulching ridge–furrow system in a semiarid region of China. European Journal of Agronomy, 2014, 52: 103-111.  

Chang-An Liu, Feng-Rui Li, Li-Min Zhou, Rong-He Zhang, Shi-Ling Lin, Li-Jun Wang, Kadambot H.M Siddique, Feng-Min Li*. Effect of organic manure and fertilizer on soil water and crop yields in newly-built terraces with loess soils in a semi-arid environment. Agricultural Water Management, 2013, 117: 123-132.  

Chang-An Liu, Feng Rui Li, Rong-He Zhang, Li-Min Zhou, Yu Jia, Qi-fu Ma, Feng-Min Li*. Yield-increase effects via improving soil phosphorus availability by applying K2SO4 fertilizer in calcareous-alkaline soils in a semiarid agro-ecosystem. Field Crops Research, 2013, 144: 69-76.  

Chang-An Liu, Feng-Rui Li, Li-Min Zhou, Qi Feng, Xiao-Gang Li, Yu Jia, Kadambot H.M Siddique, Feng-Min Li*. Effects of water management with plastic film in a semi-arid agricultural system on available soil carbon fractions. European Journal of Soil Biology, 2013, 57: 9-12.  

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Hong Zhao, Run-Yuan Wang, Bao-Luo Ma, You-Cai Xiong, Sheng-Cai Qiang, Chun-Ling Wang, Chang-An Liu, Feng-Min Li*. Ridge-furrow with full plastic film mulching improves water use efficiency and tuber yields of potato in a semiarid rainfed ecosystem. Field Crops Research, 2014, 161:137-148. 

Feng-Rui Li*, Ji-Liang Liu, Chang-An Liu, Qi-Jun Liu, Rui-Xue Niu. Shrubs and species identity effects on the distribution and diversity of ground-dwelling arthropods in a Gobi desert. Journal of Insect Conservation, 2013, 17 (2): 319-31. 

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Ye Jian-sheng*, Liu Chang-an. Suitability of mulch and ridge-furrow techniques for maize across the precipitation gradient on the Chinese loess plateau. Journal of Agricultural Science, 2012, 4 (10): 182-190. 

Liu Ji Liang, Li Feng Rui*, Liu Chang An, Liu Qi Jun. Influences of shrub vegetation on distribution and diversity of ground beetles in a Gobi desert ecosystem. Biodiversity and Conservation, 2012, 21 (10): 2601-2619. 

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