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Faculty and Staff
FU Qiantang
Academic title:
Associate Professor
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88 Xuefu Road, Kunming, 650223, Yunnan China


  Research interests:  

  The molecular mechanisms of flower sex determination in Jatropha curcas and Plukenetia volubilis.  

  The molecular genetic breeding of Jatropha curcas.  


  Plant Molecular Biology  


  1.         Fu Q.T., Niu L.J., Zhang Q.F., Pan B.Z., He H.Y., Xu Z.F.*. Benzyladenine treatment promotes floral feminization and fruiting in a promising oilseed crop Plukenetia volubilis. Industrial Crops and Products, 2014, 59:295-298.  

  2.         Li C.Q., Luo L., Fu Q.T., Niu L.J., Xu Z.F.*. Isolation and functional characterization of JcFT, a FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) homologous gene from the biofuel plant Jatropha curcasBMC Plant Biology, 2014. 14:125.  

  3.         Zhang L., He L.L., Fu Q.T., Xu Z.F.*. Selection of reliable reference genes for gene expression studies in the biofuel plant Jatropha curcas using real-time quantitative PCR. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2013, 14(12): 24338-24354.  

  4.         Li S.J., Fu Q.T., Chen L.G., Yu D.Q.*. Arabidopsis thaliana WRKY25, WRKY26, and WRKY33 coordinate induction of plant thermotolerance. Planta, 2011, 233(6): 1237-1252.  

  5.         Samar A. O., Fu Q. T., Chen M.S., Wang G. J., Song-Quan Song, Nabil I. E., Xu Z.F.*. Identification and expression analysis of two small heat shock protein cDNAs from developing seeds of biodiesel feedstock plant Jatropha curcas. Plant Science, 2011, 181(6): 632-637.  

  6.         Pan J.L., Fu Q.T., Xu Z.F.*. Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of biofuel plant Jatropha curcas using kanamycin selection. African Journal of Biotechnology, 2010, 9(39): 6477-6481.   

  7.         Fu Q.T., Li S.J., Yu D.Q.*. Identification of an Arabidopsis Nodulin-Related Protein in heat Stress. Molecules and Cells, 2010, 29(1): 77-84.  

  8.         Li S.J. Fu Q.T. (co-first author), Huang W.D., Yu D.Q*. Functional analysis of an Arabidopsis transcription factor WRKY25 in heat stress. Plant Cell Reports, 2009, 28(4): 683-693.  




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