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Insect Ecology; Community Ecology
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Key Laboratory of Tropical Forest Ecology, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Menglun, Mengla, Yunnan 666303, China.




Name: Akihiro (Aki) Nakamura;中村彰宏 (Japanese script)

Email: a.nakamura@xtbg.ac.cn

Education history


2002.02-2008.04 PhD in Ecology, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia


1997.02-2001.04 Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Australian  Environmental Studies, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia 


1993.04-1996.03 Hiratsuka Kohnan Senior High School, Hiratsuka, Japan



Employment history


2013.09-      中国科学院西双版纳热带植物园副研究 (Associate Professor, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


2010.10.-2013.08    Griffith University and Queensland Museum, Brisbane, Australia (Joint appointment) 博士后 (Post-doctoral Research Assistance)  


2007.11-2010.10 Queensland Museum 博士后 (Post-doctoral Research Assistance)


Reseach interests


Community Ecology, Insect Ecology, Conservation Ecology





2008    Centre for Innovative Conservation Strategies Scott Piper Best Student Publication Award 2008 – Highly Commended


2006    CAPRS (Completion Assistance Postgraduate Research Scholarship)


2003-04 Rainforest CRC Research Support Schemes


2003    Growing the Smart State PhD Research Funding 


2002-05 Australian School of Environmental Sciences Partial Tuition Fee Scholarship


2002-05 GUPRS (Griffith University Postgraduate Research Scholarship)


2001    Entomological Society of Queensland 2001 Student Award


2000    Griffith Award for Academic Excellence 2000   


2000    Rainforest CRC Research Support Scheme


1999    Griffith Award for Academic Excellence 1999




* = corresponding author


Refereed journals

In prep

Nakamura, A., Kitching, R. L., Ozanne, C., Novotny, V., Mitchell, A., Fayle, T., Cao, M., Wang, H., Itioka, T., Freiberg, M., Mahli Y., Hewitt, N. and Ashton, L. A.* in prep. Forest canopy science: achievements and horizons.

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Nakamura, A.*, Burwell, C. J., Ashton, L., Sun, Z., Katabuchi, M., Yang, X., Kimura, N., Odell, E., McDonald, L., Hall, C., ?degaard, F., Kitching, R. L. and Min, C. in prep. Beta-diversity patterns along elevational gradients: a cross-taxon and cross-continental approach.

Kitching, R. L., Kessler, M., Ashton, L. A., Colwell, R. K., Maunsell, S., Odell, E. H., Cao, M. and Nakamura, A.* in prep. The tree-line as a base for comparative analysis of elevational gradients in ecology.

Nakamura, A., Kongnoo, P., Bonebrake, T., Guénard, B., Bourguignon, T. & Basset, Y.*, in prep. Calibrating biodiversity for long-term monitoring: detecting changes in assemblage composition from temporarily and spatially variable insect data.

Song, S. Y., Nakamura, A., Sun, Z. H., Tang, Y. and Cao, M.* in review. Elevational distribution of adult trees and seedlings in tropical forests of southwestern China: implications for future climate change.


In review

Staunton, K. M., Nakamura, A.*, Burwell, C. J., Robson, S. K. A. and Williams, S. E. in review. The role of historical and current climate on the elevational distributions of flightless ground beetles in the tropical rainforests of north-eastern Australia. PLOS ONE.

Watkins, E., Kitching, R. L., Nakamura, A. and Stork, N. E.* in review. Beetle assemblages in subtropical and tropical rainforest gaps. Biodiversity and Conservation.


In press

Ashton, L., Nakamura, A.*, Basset, Y., Burwell, C. J., Cao, M., Eastwood, R., Odell, E., Gama de Oliveria, E., Hurley, K., Katabuchi, M., Maunsell, S. C., McBroom, J., Schmidl, J., Sun, Z. H., Tang, Y., Whitaker, T., Laidlaw, M. J., McDonald, W. J. F. and Kitching, R. L. in press. Vertical stratification of moths across elevation and latitude. Journal of Biogeography. DOI:10.1111/jbi.12616.

Burwell, C. J. and Nakamura, A.* in press. Can changes in ant diversity along elevational gradients in tropical and subtropical Australian rainforests be used to detect a signal of past lowland biotic attrition? Austral Ecology.

Ashton, L. A.*, Odell, E. H., Burwell, C. J., Maunsell, S., Nakamura, A., McDonald, W. J. F., Hunter, J., Horton, S. and Kitching, R. L. in press. Altitudinal patterns of moth diversity in tropical and subtropical Australian rainforests. Austral Ecology. DOI:10.1111/aec.12309.

Nakamura, A.*, Burwell, C. J., Ashton, L. A., Laidlaw, M. J., Katabuchi, M., Cao, M. and Kitching, R. L. in press. Identifying indicator species of elevational gradients: comparing utilities of woody plants, ants and moths for long-term monitoring. Austral Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/aec.12291.



Nakamura, A.*, Burwell, C. J., Lambkin, C. L., Katabuchi, M., McDougall, A., Raven, R. J. and Neldner, V. J. 2015. The role of human disturbance in island biogeography of arthropods and plants: an information theoretic approach. Journal of Biogeography. 42: 1406-1417.

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Nakamura, A.*, Proctor, H. and Catterall, C. P. 2003. Using soil and litter arthropods to assess the state of rainforest restoration. Ecological Management and Restoration 4: s20-s28.


Book Chapter


Kitching, R. L.*, Ashton, L. A., Burwell, C. J., Boulter, S. L, Greenslade, P, Laidlaw, M. J., Lambkin, C. L., Maunsell, S. C., Nakamura, A. and ?degaard, F. 2013. Sensitivity and threat in high elevation rainforests: outcomes and consequences of the IBISCA-Queensland Project. In: Treetops at Risk: Challenges of Global Canopy Ecology and Conservation. (M. Lowman., S. Devy and T. Ganesh eds.) pp. 131-139. Springer, New York.


R statistical package


Katabuchi, M.* and Nakamura, A. 2015. mglmn: Model Averaging for Multivariate GLM with Null Models. available at http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/mglmn/index.html.


Edited journal special issue


Burwell, C. J.*, Nakamura, A. and Kitching R. L. (eds.) 2011. Biodiversity, altitude and climate change in an Australian subtropical rainforest: Results from the IBISCA Queensland Project 2006-2010. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 55(2): 235-493.


Popular journal (non-peer reviewed)


Burwell, C. J.* and Nakamura, A. 2009. Ants with altitude: the potential of ants as climate bio-indicators in subtropical rainforest. Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Queensland 37: 130-138.


Conference proceedings


Nakamura, A.*, Basset, Y., Burwell, C., Hughes, A. C., Yang, X., Ashton, L., Kitching, R. and Cao, M. 2015. Plotting the future: long-term biodiversity monitoring in Southeast Asia. Cambodian Journal of Natural History 2015: 52.


Nakamura, A.*, Catterall, C. P., Kitching, R. L. and House, A. P. N. 2005. Development of soil and litter arthropod assemblages in rainforest restoration. The International Forestry Review 7: 326.


Government reports


Burwell, C. J.*, Nakamura, A., Lambkin, C. L., Raven, R. J. and Wright, K. 2010. Invertebrates of the Capricornia Cays: Human impacts, pest species and their interactions with native fauna. Unpublished report for the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Resource Management Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Brisbane. Pp. 260.

Burwell, C.*, Lambkin, C., Turco, F., Raven, R., Monteith, G., Baehr, B., Nakamura, A., Wright, S. and Stanisic, J. 2010. Eprapah Creek Redland City Invertebrate Survey. Unpublished report for Redland City Council, Redland City. Pp. 97.

  Insect Ecology; Community Ecology



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