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Research Progress
New species of legumes verified in SW China 23-01-05
Integrating ecosystem services into national park delimitation may help achieve sustainable park ... 22-12-30
New fossil species of moonseed family found in Yunnan 22-12-28
Auxin and jasmonic acid function synergistically during seed germination 22-12-22
Soil fauna: tiny but more important than litter mixture during leaf litter decomposition 22-12-07
CONSTANS has crucial regulatory effects on mediating jasmonate responses in plants 22-12-05
Iron signaling functions partly as plant immune system against pathogens 22-11-30
Study provides insights into how microbiome community and metabolic functions may couple with fig... 22-11-23
Two new species of slender gecko reported from Yunnan karsts 22-11-21
Termite diversity and functional traits are quantitatively modelled for first time 22-11-16
Study summarizes regulatory effects of jasmonate on root growth inhibition and root hair elongation 22-11-14
Study synthesizes Cenozoic palaeobotanical studies of Tibetan Region over past decade 22-11-09
Riparian areas could act as climatic refugia for plant diversity 22-11-04
Autonomous recording units can be standardized protocols of forest plot network 22-11-02
Plasticine models may underestimate predation bias 22-10-28
High-intensity phorophyte removal reduces epiphytic robustness in tropical forest 22-10-24
Elephants are likely to prefer habitats at outer edge of protected areas 22-10-21
Kinetic energy of driptips is important when selecting intercropping species for rubber agroforestry 22-10-19
Typical Wild Vegetables in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan published 22-10-14
Microclimatic variation mainly drives species composition and phylogenetic structure of epiphytic... 22-10-14
High resource use efficiency may explain rapid recovery of vascular epiphyte populations after dr... 22-10-11
Host-generalist mistletoe exhibits high level of outcrossing 22-10-09
Study investigates how aboveground litterfall respiration and its environmental parameters respon... 22-10-08
Forest fragments are important to fern conservation in Xishuangbanna 22-09-27
Different cell types explain morphological differences of two ginger varieties 22-09-26
Bottom-up process plays central role in determining ant–tree interaction networks 22-09-23
Study provides assessment framework for conservation and management of legume plants in coastal E... 22-09-21
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