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Research Progress
How do plant–soil–microbial interactions mediate vegetation dynamics? 23-04-20
Stop signals reduce dopamine levels and dancing in honeybees 23-04-14
New tree species of Lauraceae family found in Yunnan 23-04-13
How is plant fitness promoted under nitrogen deposition? 23-04-10
Forest understory vegetation study: current status and future trends 23-04-03
How does orchid mantis adapt and evolve? 23-03-29
New payment system developed to support reconversion of rubber plantations 23-03-24
Study provides insights into interspecific variations of herbivory in tropical forest 23-03-22
Honey bees receive flight instruction and vector source by following dance 23-03-15
Study reveals how honey bee undertakers recognize dead mates 23-03-14
Honey bees use social learning to improve waggle dancing 23-03-10
How is Jasmonate signaling enhanced under phosphorous-deficient conditions? 23-03-03
Study presents first systematic analysis of diversity and distribution patterns of orchids on Mt.... 23-02-24
Coordination exists between tree allometrics and functional traits 23-02-22
Study reveals how transcription factor POPEYE regulates iron homeostasis in plants 23-02-20
Multidimensional valuation verifies transitional areas as biodiversity hotspots 23-02-17
Study reveals spatial heterogeneity of diversity in two pines in SEA 23-02-15
Researchers find mechanism for woody vine preventing kidney stones 23-02-14
Termite nesting contributes to soil nutrient cycling in tropical ecosystems 23-02-13
Termite activity is beneficial to promote phosphorous availability in rubber plantation 23-02-08
Plant U-BOX8 modulates early seedling growth of Arabidopsis 23-02-07
New herb plant species found in Yunnan 23-02-03
Savanna plants show high physiological resilience to extreme drought 23-02-02
Soil multidiveristy is key indicator of soil health in rubber plantations 23-01-31
Mistletoe nutrient concentrations mainly depend on host nutrients 23-01-29
Study reveals how P deficiency induces anthocyanin accumulation in plants 23-01-18
Afforestation has passive effects on historical plant records 23-01-09
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