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Research Progress
JcSEUSS1 plays negative role in regulating reproductive growth of Jatropha curcas 23-10-23
New water trumpet species found in Philippines 23-10-19
New ginger species found in Malipo, SE Yunnan 23-10-16
Prezygotic isolation between sympatric dioecious figs may not yet be established 23-10-12
New Begonia species found in southern Myanmar 23-10-09
How does phytochemical diversity affect herbivore damage at tropical tree community? 23-10-08
Study sheds light on differentiated nitrogen sources of co-occurring epiphytes in Chinese subtrop... 23-09-27
Seasonal tree growth patterns are mainly driven by temperature and vapour pressure deficit at com... 23-09-25
Iron oxide nanoparticles are useful for medicinal plant sustainability under toxic metal 23-09-19
First macrofossil record of Calophyllum in Thailand reported 23-09-15
Closely related species show signatures of hybridization at climatic margins 23-09-11
Residents' consumption is most important factor in carbon emission: study 23-09-07
New endemic Agapetes species reported from Yunnan 23-09-04
Plant-based diet may be useful to treat allergic diseases associated with obesity 23-08-30
New Aristolochiaceae species found in Cangyuan, Yunnan 23-08-28
New Sonerila species reported from SW Philippines 23-08-23
Researchers present first pixel-scale matching degree analysis framework to quantify plant divers... 23-08-22
Study provides insight to early establishment of agroforestry systems in tropical areas 23-08-16
Tree ring data brings insight to drought variability in central Yunnan 23-08-14
Daily temperature difference is main factor influencing rubber latex yield in Xishuangbanna 23-08-03
DNA barcoding utilized for first time to identify genus Caragana in legume family 23-07-28
Human presence influences overall mammal abundance in northern Myanmar 23-07-27
Net diversification rate mainly drives species richness disparity in tropical terrestrial orchids 23-07-19
Turgor pressure limits tree growth of red cedar in tropical forest 23-07-12
Researchers investigate floral development of two legume plants 23-07-10
CONSTANS protein negatively modulates salinity tolerance in Arabidopsis 23-07-04
Researchers provide first chromosome-level genome assembly in Murraya plants 23-06-29
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