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Research Progress
How does rubber cultivation affect wild mammal species? 24-01-11
New Agapetes species reported from Xizang 24-01-10
Precipitation is key climate factor affecting distribution of Tsuga 24-01-09
Climate-dependent dispersal limitation plays important role in mountain soil microbiome 24-01-02
New species of arum family reported from Myanmar 23-12-25
Draw-and-write mapping is effective way to capture children's natural representations 23-12-21
Polyploidy and long-distance dispersal jointly shape global species diversification in yellowcress 23-12-19
How do available substrate and soil microbial community regulate temperature sensitivity of soil ... 23-12-15
Study provides novel molecular insights into sequential progression of leaflet formation 23-12-13
Researchers add records to seed plants flora in Yunnan 23-12-07
IRON MAN is involved in copper homeostasis in plants 23-12-05
Orchid mantises: unveiling structural basis of their unprecedented gliding ability 23-11-30
Researchers reinvestigate phylogenetic and biogeographic history of trees in tribe Cryptocaryeae 23-11-29
Newly discovered megafossil flora reported from northern Vietnam 23-11-28
How does invasive species-soil microbial feedback vary in different environments? 23-11-21
Dung beetle iDNA is additional tool for biodiversity assessment 23-11-17
Flemingia macrophylla is suitable trap crop for tea aphid control in tea plantations 23-11-15
Rubber rainforest appears as transitional stage as restoring tropical rainforest from rubber plan... 23-11-13
A 13-step process integrating various fields of science-based conservation research proposed 23-11-09
New species of Primulaceae family found in Yuanyang County, Yunnan 23-11-08
Researchers suggest expanding protected areas prioritized for biodiversity conservation 23-11-07
Forest structure plays significant role in shaping multidimensional beta-diversity patterns 23-11-02
Oldest fossil record of Bauhinia reported from Tibetan Plateau 23-11-01
Study explores thermal regulation strategies of leaves across environmental gradients 23-10-30
Study identifies a network of green spaces and linkages to conserve urban biodiversity 23-10-25
Researchers find promising locus for molecular design breeding in legumes 23-10-24
Understory management influences soil nutrient cycling in rubber plantations 23-10-25
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