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Research Progress
Rewilding of large-bodied animals can mitigate ecosystem deterioration 24-05-16
First gapless avocado genome assembly generated 24-05-15
Using reference genome of the species itself is optimal for SNP calling 24-05-13
Researchers clone AF "half-tendrilless" gene locus in peas 24-05-10
Parasitic habit drives plastid genome structural variation and gene loss in Cuscuta species 24-05-08
Researchers investigate impact of elevated CO2 concentration on subtropical trees 24-05-07
Aspidopterys obcordata has potential in managing kidney stones 24-04-30
New Vincetoxicum species found in Yunnan 24-04-29
Afterlife effects of lianas are important to forest biogeochemistry 24-04-28
Botanists discuss origin and evolution of East Asian flora 24-04-26
Earliest fossil pod of Mezoneuron in Asia reported from Yunnan 24-04-26
Liana ecology: the next avenues 24-04-23
How do low temperatures enhance disease resistance of plants? 24-04-17
How does phytochemical diversity affect plant adaptation to stresses? 24-04-09
Researchers clarify cryptic differentiation within Cassytha filiformis 24-04-08
New lipstich plant species found in Yunnan 24-04-03
New fossil wood record of Lauraceae reported from Yunnan 24-03-29
Seed desiccation contributes most to interspecific variation in seed coat ratio 24-03-26
Phylogenetic dataset provides insights to diversification dynamics of orchids 24-03-22
How do flowers maintain water balance across different angiosperm branches? 24-03-21
Researchers investigate variation of fine root vessel traits in topological order within and acro... 24-03-18
Study reveals acclimation of hemiepiphytic and terrestrial figs to different environmental condit... 24-03-12
Dense branches and spines of plants form strong defensive cage to resist herbivory pressure 24-03-07
Researchers propose CRISPRlnc as new method for lncRNA-specific sgRNA design 24-03-06
Lianas and trees vary in relationship between stem xylem structure and function 24-03-01
Identification of priority areas is essential to ecosystem conservation and restoration 24-02-28
Assessment of protected areas needs refining: study 24-02-23
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