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Int’l Cooperation News
XTBG scientists visit Vietnam 12-05-11
Prof. FANG Zhen wins 2012 Yunnan Friendship Award 12-05-02
Scientists urge understanding and mitigating the impacts of global change in tropical Asia 12-03-29
Collaborative Agreement signed between Chiang Mai University and XTBG 12-02-16
XTBG scientists investigate diversity of figs and fig wasps in northern Thailand 12-02-10
Chinese Ambassador Lv Youqing to Tanzania visits XTBG 12-01-10
CAS Vice President DING Zhongli leads delegation to Myanmar 12-01-12
Diplomatic envoys of Central and Eastern European countries visit XTBG 11-12-01
XTBG and Indonesian universities forge partnerships 11-10-10
AFEC-X 2011 opens 11-10-31
The Diplomatic Envoys of Arab Countries to China Visit XTBG 11-10-12
Chinese Ambassador to UK visits XTBG 11-08-31
XTBG presented at Shanghai Green Building Seminar 11-09-14
XTBG scientists attend 18th International Botanical Congress 11-08-05
Dr. Hugh W. Pritchard visits XTBG 11-08-09
Prof. Jürg St?cklin visits XTBG 11-08-03
Dr. Clifford Sussman of American Bamboo Society visits XTBG 11-07-21
XTBG granted CAS Fellowship for Young International Scientists 11-07-11
LAO delegation visits XTBG 11-06-28
XTBG international scientist reports research progress at CAS meeting 11-06-17
Mr. Calvin Green from New Zealand visits XTBG 11-05-06
Prof. Hu Huabin introduces experience in implementing BCI-Xishuangbanna 11-04-27
Prof. FANG Zhen sits on editorial board of Biotechnology for Biofuels 11-05-05
Vietnam Science and Technology delegation visits XTBG 11-04-18
XTBG proposes to set up China-ASEAN Biodiversity Research Center 10-06-12
Delegation of Surinamese Organization of Indigenous Peoples visits XTBG 10-04-20
Cambodian delegation visits XTBG 10-03-26
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