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Graduation Ceremony 2016
Author: Ai Chongrui
Update time: 2016-06-20
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June 16 of 2016 is a “ big day” for the graduates of Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) to celebrate their successful completion of their studies. The number 6 is considered to have auspicious meaning like lucky in Chinese culture. In the presence of family and friends, as well as faculty and staff from XTBG, the outgoing graduates assembled in their academic gowns, tossed their hats into the air on this lucky day.
On the morning of the lucky day, the outgoing students in their gowns of master degree or doctoral degree planted a tree of Aesculus assamica Griff for memory in front of the students’ apartment. They just followed the tradition as their alumni did.
The graduation ceremony and degree awarding was held in the afternoon, presided over by XTBG CPC Secretary Li Hongwei. All students and supervisors gathered together to celebrate the “big day” of the graduating students, to celebrate their academic achievement, to honor their hard work and dedication.
Prof. Chen Jin, director of XTBG, addressed the graduation ceremony. His speech was about “What kind of person to be?”  He encouraged XTBG graduates to be a man of independent mind, to be a thankful person, and contribute to the home country. He said that independent thinking is essential for scientific research. Grateful mind indicates that a person is with high EQ and becomes mature. He believed that XTBG graduates have acquired some skills for their future scientific research and life, and can contribute to the country.
A teacher representative sent warm congratulations to graduates including 18 Ph.D students (5 foreigners) and 36 M.Sc students (2 foreigners included) on their successful completion of studies. He also shared his experience as a teacher over 30 years. Graduate representatives reviewed the joys and sorrows of studying in XTBG, and spoke out their feelings and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to their teachers.
 Other leaders and teacher representatives also conveyed congratulations and best wishes for the graduates and their family.
At last, Prof. Chen Jin moved the tassel of the caps of every graduate to the right place. He also posed photo with every outgoing graduate. The audience expressed congratulations to all graduates of doctoral or master's degree amid enthusiastic applause.
  A farewell evening party was held. The students and teachers were excited. There arose laughter and cheers from time to time.



Outgoing graduates plant a tree for memory 




A professor talks about his experience as a teacher 



Outgoing graduates pose a photo 


Graduates and teachers pose a photo 



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