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Packed summer holiday activities win popularity
Author: Ai Chongrui
Update time: 2009-08-25
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During this summer holiday from early July until the end of August, XTBG organized a packed program of summer holiday activities, which won popularity among visitors at any age.

 Visitors are provided with chances boat in a King Lotus leaf, lift up the lightest wood in the world, make paper from waste, and experience pressed flower art at different period of this summer holiday.

  At the beginning of the summer holiday from July 9-18, visitors especially children weighing less than 30kg were able to boat in a huge mature king lotus leaf. (The leaf of the mature King Lotus can hold considerable weight while floating on the water.)





 Themed with “Preserve the beauty of nature”, XTBG organized its last summer holiday activity from August 20-30. Visitors have a chance to experience pressed flower art at the Museum within the Garden. With a little patience and imagination, anyone at any age can learn the art of pressed flowers. 15 children visitors each day will feel lucky to be taught how to make pressed flowers on the spot and bring their own works like pressed flower bookmarks home for free.



Without any artificial paints or chemicals, pressed flower art presents the beauty of nature. Utilizing modern drying technology and flower pressing techniques, the life of the flowers is extended for years of enjoyment.

With “Preserve the beauty of nature” as the last theme of summer holiday activities, we hope that the beautiful landscapes of XTBG and enjoyment here will be a wonderful memory of tourists and be preserved for years.

Packed summer holiday activities win popularity
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